Impressionism is a world famed style of painting. It was originated in France and has continued to gain followers of art for over the decades. Impressionism was collaborated in order to give more realistic views on different subjects. From that time on it was distinguished for the wonderful effect of the light and color mixed together.

The artists put their concentration on certain scenery or object and merely rely on its effects on anyone who view them. It is a play of light and color on the objective reality of the subject. Different contemporary paintings have been the favorite of collectors. It drew such popular appeal to many and has been loved by art collectors from all over the world.

Now, those impressionist paintings have reached an awesome value and its avid followers don’t seem to care. For them the fulfillment of being able to buy and own such marvelous art pieces are incomparable to whatever its worth.

The famous collections of impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley and many others have reach a stature that couldn’t be surpassed by ordinary painters. They have carved their names in the painting industry and gained respect because of the beauty of their masterpieces. They have influenced each other and greatly helped in improving each pieces. Since then many have tried to at least get near to the stature of the famous artist’s. Some made it but still others paled in comparison.

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