How to develop your own painting ideas

An artist who has all the technical skills in his hand but doesn’t have great painting ideas is useless. The question now is, where to find painting ideas that you can use to come up and develop your own, unique art? Below are some methods that could help you. But before anything else, you should keep in mind that it is vital to allow time to experiment. Do it one step at a time and remember that having a mistake is just normal and take your errors as an opportunity to develop new creative ideas.

1. Write down all the possible choices: Your likes and dislikes.

A great painting idea comes with the style of painting you want to make. So, what you should do first is to write all the choices you may want to consider. What subjects or styles you want to create and choose among them you like the best.

2. Sketching or putting your ideas down on paper or journal.

Remember that every page in your sketchbooks serves as your working tool for ideas and record keeping, not a work for display. Everything you put on it is entirely personal just like a diary.

3. Painting ideas are everywhere.

Though traveling around the world could give you lots and lots of ideas for your artwork, the best way to start collecting ideas are just in your place or where you are right now. Like for example your living room or kitchen, it will surely provide you a subject for your still life painting, your garden that has plants and flowers, an attractive viewpoint will give you an idea of a landscape or cityscape that changes along with the time. Your family members or your pets perhaps are also a good choice. You see, you don’t need to go out of the country to gather great painting ideas, they are everywhere.

4. Using ideas not just once.

The truth is there is no such rule saying that you can only use ideas once. Any painting ideas could be used more than once if you like so. You can take an old painting you like as your subject but be sure to work on variations, pushing the ideas around and further. Take for example different color sets, different angles, or lighting.

5. Ask people around you about their own ideas.

There’s no harm asking other people for their own ideas. In fact, they could help you to come up to new and unique ideas. Every painting that caught your attention would also help you, so don’t miss writing them and make a version of you about that painting.

6. Enriched your knowledge about painting history.

There are many ways to enhance you knowledge about the past all you have to do is exert a little effort and dedication.

7. Try ideas in different medium.

Instead of changing your ideas in painting, why not try changing your medium to paint your ideas. You can also try mixing those medium to free up your brain from automatic and jaded painting styles.

8. Monthly painting projects.

Try to look through the lists of projects for the entire year and previous for painting ideas, and browse through photo galleries to see what other painters did with those ideas. You can visit your local art gallery and see among the gallery paintings that you think can contribute in developing you new ideas in painting.

Have you try abstract art painting yet? Why not consider it as one of your choices. You can find in your own home different subjects for you abstract art. In fact, this idea will definitely exercise your imagination and creativity.

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