How to create a painting with no brush

Amongst painting tools, paint brush is the most commonly choice for most painters. But this does not mean that you can no longer use other tools especially for oil painting.

Artists who are well informed about oil painting  will definitely agree that palette knives are for long been used as a traditional oil pant mixing tool. As a matter of fact, palette knives are perfect for creating smooth, consistent mixtures of paint with the medium.

Palette knives are available in different shapes and sizes and some are also made in plastic. As we all know, for mixing purposes, one traditional shape or size will do. But if your want to apply paints using this tool, I strongly suggest that you used different shapes and sizes like choosing a set of brushes. Usually, smaller and thinner knives are perfect for lining while the bigger ones are best suited for loading on the paint.

Some people like to use stencils into their painting more specifically when the subject demands a repetitive effect. There are lots of ready-made stencils in the market or you can make your own with the help of a stencil kit. But make sure to proper materials or else your desired outcome will not be achieved.

Professional painters will agree that using stencil for painting is not a traditional oil painting technique. This is the reason why there are hardly any tutorials. They will insist that you should still keep in mind the basics of the medium – what is generally known as ‘fat over lean’. It is obvious that very thin paint will bleed around the edges, so it might be necessary to wait until one of the thicker layers of your painting. It is true that stenciling in one of the under layers gives a great effect but most advised that you do a little experiment to find a solution that will suit your needs.

Later, you will found out that you can actually use rags, sponges and even your bare hand as alternative tools when it comes to oil painting. Expert claims that you can actually create an entire oil painting with the use or rags and/or sponges, without the use of a paint brush. Sometimes the background color of the painting can be done using ones own finger. But of course the basic rule should always be applies.

But you should remember that if you will use your fingers or any other part of your body the oil color and solvents you will use do not absorb into your skin because this could lead to health problem.

Like oil painting? You may also want to create your own abstract painting. Or have one to serve as you wall decor at the same time inspiration for a new idea, why not buy abstract painting on line or try visiting your local art gallery and choose among the gallery paintings that suits you.

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