How to arrange your home décor accordingly

It is said to be that paintings are essential element of any . Though there are many ways to personalize your space you still need to keep in mind some rules to create a balanced and artful look of your decoration.

  1. Strengthen the existing theme

Put into consideration the dominant inspirations in your room design. Is your room design more on modern or classic? Are the colors scheme subdued and relaxing or contrasted and energizing? By knowing so, you will have a great idea of which type of art would best enhance your design. Colorful and powerful abstract paintings would perfectly strengthen a creative modern decor however but definitely contradict in a tranquil classic bedroom setting.

Moreover, it is much safer if you will stick to a specific theme when combining art in the same room. A figurative landscape watercolor would definitely not blend well with a geometric abstract art creation.

  1. Organize the larger artworks first

I strongly recommend that you hang the largest pieces first, as they will have bigger impact on your room.

Remember that the orientation of the art should fit the space created by the wall. A large oriented artwork will fit a long wide wall better and a vertically oriented painting will best compliment a narrow and high wall.

One thing you should also remember is to position the painting on the wall so that the center of the painting is at your eye line.

Take in consideration also the size of the furniture piece when hanging a painting above furniture. Basically, a painting should be not wider that sofa below it. To come up with a balanced décor, your painting or art work should be about two-thirds the width of the furniture piece.

Lastly, creating a visual connection between the furniture and the art will create a dramatic effect. Like for an instance, a painting with a dominant green on it will look better near sofa upholstered in the same color. Of course, it’s not easy and always possible to change your furnishing’s hue, but you can also try to create a more subtle visual links. Like for example why not place a striking red ceramic vessel on the chest below your vibrant and passionate red abstract art painting, or play with the colors of your cushions and throws, just be creative and you will see the endless possibilities!

  1. Arrange the smaller paintings and pictures

When arranging smaller artworks, keep that grouping pieces will create a strong effect.

Also, you should remember when putting a group of paintings together, the paintings in the middle of the arrangement should be at eye level.

Lastly, if you want to group together images of various sizes, place the larger pictures at the bottom and smaller above to make a well balanced arrangements.

Hope this simply tips would help you arrange your home décor appropriately and beautifully. Good luck!

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