Depicting nature’s beauty though landscape paintings

No doubt that one of the most popular paintings of all times is a landscape painting. It captures nature in its natural form and depicting skies, rivers, sun moon and greenness on a canvas. Landscape paintings are considered as one of the earliest and traditional form of art that touches modern art lover’s heart because of their purity, naturalness and aesthetic looks.

Documented images of the panorama that has plentiful of nature paintings have grown over the years and serves as an inspirations to the new generation of artists. Landscape paintings from India are well-known for depicting the wilderness and unspoiled beauties of nature.

An antiquated form of a landscape painting is usually observed in the pastoral scenery of the Roman times. It gains its importance with the emergence of Renaissance Art. Nature was romanticized and illustrated as philosophical and spiritual elements. There are different religious and mythological events that were depicted by nature.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, landscape paintings grew with some master artists like Watteau, Gainsborough and Thomas Girtin. Various movements of arts like abstract expressionism, impressionism and surrealism influenced the painting and came up with some new styles and methods.

Because of this, nature was scientifically observed and more importance was given to its aggressive aspects.

Landscape paintings have numerous classifications. A depiction of clouds, skies and its weather condition is termed as skyscraper. Moon is aesthetically illustrated in moonscape paintings. Rivers and seas find visible expression in seascapes and rivers capes. Cityscape s are those depictions of urban landscapes, industrialized cities, towns and streets. And the aerial landscapes offer an aerial view of the objects in the ground. Lastly, Ins capes are visual representation of the psychoanalytical mind as a three-dimensional space. Some of the popular artists in ins capes are Matta, James Gleeson and Jane Frank.

Landscape painting can be done in abstract art form. Abstract paintings of landscape aid its viewers to exercise their imagination and creative mind.

If you want, take a look for some examples of abstract art paintings of landscapes in the internet. Through this you able to have ideas how it looks like and how they are being created.

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