Criticizing Paintings

Let say you have a friend who loves painting a lot, and because she thinks you are really a good friend of her she excitingly show you he master piece of an abstract art painting. So, what will you tell now? Remember, it is okay to criticize her work but there are also things you should never say especially if you really value your friendship.

Things you should never say or ask:

1. What is it?- Though you are supposed to know what it is, if you really can’t tell might as well keep it to your self as it might not be deliberately done as a depiction of an object.

2. Did you paint it this way because you didn’t know how to paint its true image? – Since it is a contemporary painting, you should know that it is her style of painting. Stop believing that realism is the only applicable form of painting.

3. Why don’t you apply more color like blue, on this part? – The painting is deliberately made according to what she wants and you should not think that she might just run out of paint or use too much on any part in particular.

4. You know what, it really looks so real. Did you trace it or something? It’s like as if you’re saying that she cheated.

5. Why don’t you just take a photo of this one? – It’s like your saying that she is rather be a photographer than a painter because she will be better that way.

6. You know what, my father or sister or brother or mother or another friend really knows how to paint beautifully. – Obviously you are comparing her work to others and surely, no one will want to compare her/his own artwork to anyone else especially to someone she/he did not know.

7. I like the color combination; it will surely fit the curtains in my living room. –You are talking about art and not home decoration.

8. Can you make a copy of this one but in another color, let say blue since it’s my favorite color? – Every painting is genuine, so never ask them to make a copy of their own artwork.

9. Why don’t you show it to me again when you’re done with it. Are you still planning something to do on it? –Always assume that it is done except is she told you so.

10. Didn’t say anything at all. – Remember, no reaction id worse than any criticism. Much batter if you can practice a neutral comment like, “I’m not actually more on this but I can really say you had a great and fun time doing it”.

Keep in mind that nice comments rather than giving helpful ideas does not mean you didn’t appreciate not didn’t know anything about abstract paintings. Not thought out comments could be hurtful in ways you never wanted to. If they let you see their artwork it means they value you so much because they wanted to share their creation to you. Be glad for them even if their style of painting is not your type than hurting their feelings. After all, they had fun with what they have done!

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