Understanding Abstract Art

“What’s that? What are those lines?” Abstract art Paintings are probably one of the trickiest things to do and to understand. Why is that? It is because Abstract art painting is not that kind of work where the subject is clearly defined. Try looking for an abstract art painting (if you do not have access to one, you may try looking in an abstract gallery), say those of Picasso’s, and you will find that everything that you will probably see are squares, lines, and rounds (and lines, and lots of lines). So, the question now is: “How can I understand abstract art painting?”

Here are a few guidelines to help you understand abstract art paintings:

  • Think out of the box. Art is supposed to be creative, and thinking out of the box is the rule of the thumb in understanding any work of art. Especially in abstract art paintings – it is that form of art that allows any person to express him/herself thoroughly without the need to worry about conforming into following rules or guidelines.
  • Look at the entire picture. In abstract art paintings, there are shapes and colors, but they’re not exactly realistic. Looking at one object from the entire painting will not help you understand the general message or impression the artist is trying to impart to its viewers. It’s like looking at a small dot in the middle of white board – you must not only look at the dot, and but also its’ surrounding or its’ context.
  • Learn to appreciate. Abstract art painting or any other kinds of painting are works rooted from the deepest corner of an artist’s heart. It is not painted for the sole reason of wanting to paint something. Rather, it is created with the desire to share their feelings. And just like human beings, they are unique and different in their own right.

Understanding abstract art paintings are the hardest, but with a little effort, you will surely get their meanings. If not, the next time you view any abstract gallery, you might want to remember these guidelines. Remember the rule: Think out of the box.

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