Taking Care of your Art Works

In an abstract art gallery, utmost care is given to every painting so that it will be able to last long. Why is that? It is because all works of art are sacred – from abstract art paintings to contemporary paintings or to whatever the form they may be. It is through these art works that they are explore a new world of freedom and creativity, especially with abstract painting which shows the intellectual capacity of the artist who makes use of the formal qualities of an artwork – lines, color, form, textures, and patterns, composition and process – as a subject rather than just an element.

How then can we best take care of our abstract paintings?

Proper care of paintings starts with proper handling. When transporting a painting, make sure that it will not bounce or fall especially if you’re just putting them on the back of your car.  If you decided to buy an abstract painting, make sure that you get the painting out fast as soon as you get it. This will help dry out the moisture, and will not result to darkening of colors.

Do not touch the surface. A negative reaction is created when our oil and sweat are in contact with the paintings. The colors crack, so, touching them is a great no-no.

Do not expose them directly to the sun or to extreme temperatures. Direct exposures may result to some color fading. And you don’t want that to happen. Meanwhile, paintings that are stored for a long period of time will turn dark.

Place them in strategic locations. Make sure that your paintings are not located in places where people can knock it off easily. Do not place them in a location where water will most likely have a contact with it. In addition, putting them on strategic locations will not only help you preserve your paintings, but it will also help you maximize their use. It’s like turning boring into something.

Clean them. Clean your paintings by dusting them lightly, but make sure that do not touch them with your hands. For watercolor paintings, you may clean them using a kneaded eraser.

Taking care of your paintings may be a difficult task, but the rewards of having them are definitely unquantifiable.

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