Painting abstract art (How to’s)

So, you have decided to create a painting – contemporary or abstract art painting or any kind of – for your art gallery. Now what?

Obviously, common sense will say, let’s buy the materials needed to create an original abstract art. But just which ones?

When in an art supply store, remember that the essential supplies needed are the canvas and colors/ paint. A pre-primed white 18 by 24 inch canvas is an ideal size to start your original abstract or contemporary art with. If you want opt to use a brush when creating your abstract art paintings, buy a few of them; but if you decided to use other means (like your hands) in painting, then don’t. While at it, buy acrylic latex artist’s paint in different colors.

After taking home your purchased materials, the next thing that you need to do is to find a spot where you can do your work. It can be in your garage, yard, room, or work room. Just make sure to put newspapers around and under your canvas to make cleaning-up easier afterwards.

Now, it’s painting time! First, decide the abstract style that you want to take on and which color you will use as you background color. When you’re through with that, it’s time to put on the first layer! Be spontaneous and have fun. Just go with what your instincts tell you. Color your canvas using your fingers if or brush if you want to. Next, give movement or texture.

Play with your colors and give it some attitude and balance – use quick strokes, waves – anything that you want to do. (A bit angry with something)? Then let it show with your work.) Like what was mentioned above, just go with what your instincts tell you. Finally, it’s time to lay details to your work. You might want to add some lines and shadows to your work. Dots, swirls and the likes create a big impact to your abstract art painting.

Once you’re satisfied with your work, let it dry, then, it’s time to share your original abstract art with the world! Hang it on one of your walls or display it in an abstract art gallery or somewhere.

And oh! Don’t forget to sign it!

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