Painting abstract art from photos/nature

Alright, you want to create an abstract art painting, your supplies are already prepared; you are in your work room, fully geared up to do your original abstract painting. You take your brush (or hand, as the case may be) dip it into your colors; and… and then, you suddenly realized that you cannot think of anything to paint. Great!

There are three ways to solve this problem: just buy a painting from an abstract art gallery, or you may just paint things randomly, or you might want to get inspiration from nature or from a photo. For this article, we are going to discuss some steps to help you create an abstract art painting from a realistic object.

  • Select a photo or a view for your subject. Maybe you have a photo or a view of a sunset that you want to create into an abstract art. Or, maybe the lilies in the park.
  • Make an outline. Your outline does not necessarily need to be very detailed. Remember that what we are trying to do is to move into abstraction from something that is so realistic. Focus on the lines, color, form, textures, and patterns of the picture rather than what the picture is really trying to depict. For the sunset abstract art painting, I might want to emphasize the sunset’s color than the sun.
  • Let it all out. When sunset comes into my mind, the first thing that I would usually think of is a boulevard painted with the sun’s orange-y, and reddish glow, which is also the same color of the sky transitioning into a blue-violet to black color as the night goes deeper. So, my abstract painting will most likely have the colors of orange, red, yellow, blue, violet and black, with all the sways for my sky and a few straight lines for the rays.
  • Have fun. Just express yourself so that you can have your desired work of art. There are no rules for this art so you have nothing to be afraid of. And if you are afraid of doing it, then why don’t you simply paint or express how afraid you are on your canvas?

There now, since you are done with reading this, you might now want to start making your original abstract art painting. Pick up those brushes and let the colors roll! So tell me, how will your original abstract art look like?

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