Impact of Abstract Art to Us

Did you know that even from childhood, we were already practicing art? In fact, even the colors that were randomly painted on a sheet of paper are already art. There may be no specific form or structure, but it is art.

Basically, there are two kinds of painting, representational art and abstract art. Representational art are the definable art. This means that they were drawn to portray a specific thing or object, a great example of this is the infamous Mona Lisa. Just one look at a representational art and you will understand immediately what it is all about. On the other hand, abstract art paintings are, say, the unspecific kind of art. In abstract painting, nothing is clearly defined, but you still get the vague idea that it is there. A great example of this art is a child’s doodle.

Over the centuries, artists have tried to capture the essence of painting abstract arts in a child-like manner. Try going to an abstract art gallery, notice how these artists create gallery paintings that are so child-like?  Drawing it, in a child like manner, allows the artist to make use of the flexibility and freedom, without the need to conform to any rules, which is its very essence.

There are no rights or wrongs. Abstract paintings allow the artists to make use of lines, colors or texture to be the subjects of their paintings, than being just the elements of the picture such as in representational art. Their meanings are implied from the context of the artist and from the view point of its viewer.

This is the beauty of abstract art. It allows both its creator and viewer to take part in the relating one’s emotional response with the other. With this, abstract art paintings give more challenge to its viewers because in order to understand the meaning of the art work, there is there a need for its viewers to first evaluate his inner self.

If you want to have abstract paintings, you may try to create your own and original abstract paintings. If you want to know more about abstract art or contemporary painting, you may try an online abstract art gallery where abstract paintings are displayed and also up for sale.

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