Icarus is a famous character in Greek Mythology. He is the son of Daedalus, and most commonly known by his tragic flight to freedom from Crete.   His pride and his folly is a have been an inspiration for abstract paintings.  Deadelus and his son had been imprisoned in a Labyrinth he designed to be inescapable in order to hold in a Minotaur.

King Minos had them put in the Labyrinth for Daedelus helped the imprisoned Theseus to escape.  In order to get out, Daedelus then fashioned a pair of wings for him and Icarus.  On their flight for freedom, Icarus was told not to fly too close to the sun, or too close to the water.

However, because of the euphoric feel of flight after a long period of confinement has made him reckless and conceited.  He soared through the surface of the sea in full abandon, flying nearer and nearer towards the sun.  Heedless of his father’s anguished implorations to cease his aimless flight, Icarus continued still to fly so high, until the heat of the sun melted the glue of his wings.  This scene is often represented in abstract art galleries.  It was too late when he realized the folly of his ways.

When he found out that his feathers were starting to fall off, Icarus flapped his arms wildly and vigorously, only to find out that his wings have completely fallen apart.  He fell to the sea and drowned.  You can buy abstract arts paintings of this subject among numerous gallery paintings available either online or close to your area.

Daedalus, though mournful of his son’s death, continued on to Sicily, received and sheltered by the king.  The sea where Icarus fell has been named Icarain Sea, located near Icarai on the island southwest of Samos.

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