People always admire birds because of their ability to fly.  These winged creatures have been muses of artists and the subject of many gallery paintings throughout the world.  Their feathers speckled with vibrant colors would make them seem like flowers taking flight on air.

Different birds enchant you in different ways. Tropical birds are the brightly colored ones, making them merge with the background of the forest they dwell in.  They fill up the forest with their characteristic tunes as they fly in their territory.

Birds of prey are magnificent to watch as they swoop down from the skies, diving from hundreds of feet with speeds that can make you miss that amazing descent with a blink of an eye.  Others are just plainly good to watch; like flamingos with their curved beaks and long necks lazing on a pond, peacocks with their brightly-colored plumes as they entice a mate.

It’s always a good to buy abstract art of birds.  The splashes of color on canvas can always brighten up a room.  But not all birds are colorful.  Penguins are drably colored to mix with the ice of the polar region.  Even so, that does not make them less interesting.  Go bird watching and be inspired to create your own unique abstract painting of birds that you see.

Parks always have an ideal spot for you to catch that rare species of bird. If you cannot find your inspiration, go and admire instead works about birds in any abstract art gallery. Sadly, some species of birds are in danger of extinction.

To protect endangered species of birds, there are designated places where you can only see, but not hunt birds.  It is always better to see birds flying freely in the sky, rather than be admired in a cage where you cannot see them in their full glory.

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