Angels are often viewed as messengers of a supreme being, guardians to protect you from harm and give guidance during times of need. Most religious beliefs have faith that angels were once human, than after death, because of their insurmountable faith and following of God’s commands, have given them power to serve and protect.

Countless abstract paintings that reflect various artists’ interpretation of angels are seen in abstract art galleries.   Christians have 4 archangels that serve God’s purpose to protect and guide humans.  Gabriel is the messenger of God, and is known to have foretold the birth of Christ to Virgin Mary.

Michael is the commander of the Army of God, and has been identified as Israel’s protector by the prophet Daniel.  Raphael is known as God’s Healer.  Uriel is named Fire of God.  But not all angels are holy.  One infamous angel is Lucifer, meaning “bearer of light.”  Believed to be God’s favorite, Lucifer was banished from the heavens due his envy of humans being higher on the eyes of God above the angels that serve him.

A lot of people feel safe and protected if they have representations of angels in their rooms.  St. Michel’s art work rendition in abstract art galleries are often with scenes of him over a defeated Satan whilst holding a sword and a shield.  Or the beatific countenance of angels can be a wonderful adornment to a bare wall.

Gallery paintings often include abstract art paintings of angels fighting the forces of darkness.  When people have visions and apparitions of angels, they often see them enveloped in a bright halo of light that can be described as blinding.  Wiccans often say that even though you will be blessed with bliss and prosperity, you will be blinded forever if you “summon” and behold on the purity of an angel.

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