Abstract and Art

In an abstract art, the artists are given the chance to do whatever they want to do. They can draw basically anything under the sun in whatever style they want to do it –they have an access to a level of endless options.

Majority of those artists whose style is in between naturalism and in abstract art, flowers are the common subject. Flowers, just like a painting, add life to any room. Aside from their usual uses, their delicate forms, vibrant colors and their wide variety are probably a few of the reasons why they are an instant favorite among artists. It allows them to have a chance of diversifying their styles with one subject. In fact, famous painters like Van Gogh gained a part of their popularity due to their abstract art paintings of flowers, as in Irises and Sunflowers.

Painting flowers as an abstract art can be a bit tricky. They are just so full of delicate details and form. But to start an abstract art painting of flowers, there is a need for us to get the general feel of the flower. Are you drawing a single flower, or is it going to be a meadow? Remember that abstract painting is about getting the feel of the environment, and not just that one creation.

Abstracts are viewed in a context, not in isolation of the other elements in it. Next thing that you will have to deal with, but is quite optional, is their movement. Flowers are like women. Their grace is continuously flowing. They create an impression of femininity among its viewers. You might want to use curves lines to best depict this swaying motion. Van Gogh’s Irises is a best example how he was able to make use of the curve lines to portray a flowing or swaying movement.

And the last thing to consider is the color. But, as I said earlier, in abstract painting, there are no rules to follow. So, you are pretty free to make use any color.

Remember: Abstract paintings let your creativity work. So, be free to do anything.

Need more inspirations for your abstract art paintings? You may always visit an abstract art gallery online anytime.

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