“Wild” Horses of America

America has land unclaimed by civilization.  And some of these lands are home of the famous wild horses, the “symbol of American freedom” as some would say.   It’s hard to differentiate the wild horses from the feral ones.  Wild horses are really born in the wild, while the feral ones are breeds of “wild” horses with a mix of domesticated genes.

Meaning feral horses are horses that were once domesticated and got free and hence started living in the wild without any form of human supervision.  Wild horses galloping along the plains of Virginia are often subjects of abstract paintings.  However, it’s hard to find true wild horses in America.  The majority of the Bureau of Land Management horses are Mustangs, feral horses of North America.  Assateague’s wild horses are beautiful and magnificent, but tough enough to survive the rough land and environment.

Most people make a mistake of petting and feeding the wild horses they come across, most especially misinformed tourists.  Feeding these horses human food actually makes them sick.    The government advice against treating wild horses like tame animals for it takes away that distinct and special wild complexity. Other than that, it compromises the safety of both human and horse.

People are often kicked when approaching the wild horses. Often than not, wild horses learn to “beg” for food and prance on to the highway road and get hit by cars.    Most tourists that cannot stand the harsh environment of the plains can admire abstract art paintings of these animals in any abstract art gallery.

A lot of citizens are making a move to preserve these wonderful beasts of the wild. Some galleries give the proceeds of an exhibit to associations dedicated to the preservation of these species when you buy abstract art from their gallery.

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