The Wonder of Fruits

wonder of fruits

Probably, the most favorite subject of most artists in doing still life painting is the fruits. There are many popular artists created extremely captivating paintings of rotting fruit. In this time artists are also adepts in making captivating still fruit oil paintings and oil pastel fruit paintings. It is said that the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries are considered as the golden age of fruit growing among wealthy amateur. They make sure that there are abundant supplies of specimens to paint and for the published plates.


The art of painting and the painting industry as a whole is flourishing supported by art enthusiasts all over the world. Because of this, fruit paintings gained its popularity and there has been a steady increase in the population of fruit painting lovers. People are so excited to decorate fruit paintings in their home, offices and restaurants. They also bought fruit paintings as a gift fro their loved ones on a special occasion. Since many people love fruit paintings, it became the favorite gift of some for birthdays, wedding, new home, and new office. Like real fruits, fruit paintings are greatly used in most events and functions all over the world.


Creating fruit painting are not limited to any select varieties of fruits but involve almost all kinds of fruits. Numbers of fruit paintings is comparable to numbers of fruit species. These paintings have extraordinary beauty that holds great attractions to viewers. This could be done in different mediums and different materials. Most common fruits that artists paint are grape, guavas, bananas, apples and pineapples. These artists are brilliantly representing the best art work of rotting fruit. Fruit bowl painting is equally fantastic and add charm with their presence on the walls of your room.


Making a fruit painting is not complicated to do and can easily be learn through simple decorative one stroke painting method which you can use in diversity of surfaces. Anyone can easily paint apples, blossoms, leaves, bracts, strawberries, garlic, tomatoes and many more. You can easily use elements alone as well as with others to be able to make your own unique style. Once you have master this one stroke fruit painting art, you can use your talent and creativity to make paintings for gift articles, bazaars, shops, online wending, exhibitions, home decoration and many more. You can use materials fro your learning process or practicing like folk art acrylic and enamel paint, floating colorless medium, wicker white, green forest, sunflower yellow, burnt umber, maple syrup, berry wine, crimson, etc. There are also available brushes for practicing that are so available in the market.


Choose card or any other type of paper you wish to paint on. Prepare your paints and assemble a special color palette for the paint instead of dipping it directly into your usual paints. This is important or else you may get pieces of vegetable or fruit sticking out and they are bound to rot sooner or later. The good thing about painting fruits is that you can focus on one small area at the time. I strongly suggest that you choose a paint that is somewhat thin but not too watery. At first, try painting on old newspapers till you gain enough expertise. You can try painting on old newspaper first for practicing. Put only a little layer of paint on the fruit to avoid smudging and make the floral border if it is greeting cards or for a scrapbook


Do you love painting? Why not try to paint abstract art with fruits as your subjects? Surely abstract paintings of fruits are perfect gifts for your love ones. Why not buy one now in any abstract art gallery in your area.

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