Saving and Collecting Paintings as an Investment

Collection painting

Since financial events of 2008 told us that keeping investments in the bank is no longer a safe option, so why not put a small amount of pension savings into painting. By doing this, you can create a balanced portfolio?

For as long as investors only spend as much as they can afford to lose, you will realize that they are trying up their money for the long haul and appreciating their art treasure may become unfashionable over time, buying and collecting paintings is surely to a fun and profitable endeavor.

Let me give you some tips to help you in art investment.

  • Buy original art works – Limited edition prints may be a less expensive entry into the art world, but the chances that you are simply buying a costly poster are high.
  • Buy only those paintings you Like – Since you will live with the art that you buy be sure that you only buy and own something you will be happy looking at.

  • Never buy cheap paintings – More likely, a cheap new painting will develop into a cheap old one. Unlike cheap one, a more expensive painting has a great chance to at least hold its value.

  • Purchase something that many people would definitely like – Make sure that the painting has a good quality and will stand out in a crowd. Buy something that is soothing and fairly traditional but don’t forget that it should also have a twist that will make it extra ordinary.
  • Don’t be too in a hurry – Pay some time to look around the galleries like for example in an abstract art gallery in your area. Looking around the gallery paintings, buy something that finally captured your eyes.
  • Take a visit on the artist’s web site – You can buy abstract art paintings, still life, landscapes and many more in a less amount than in galleries if you will buy them directly from the artist. You can visit galleries and art exhibits to find out the artists you like but don’t forget that galleries are surely have a large mark up on their prices.
  • Put your painting in a proper place – If you are keeping your painting to sell in the future or when the time comes for your retirement, be sure that you hang them all in a good place away from direct sunlight or heat because they can damage your paintings.

  • Remember to increase your household insurance – Itemize your painting too! It needn’t cost more than a few pounds or dollars each year to make sure that your treasure is safe from thieves or fire.

So, who says that paintings are not that valuable? Aside from collecting and enjoying its exquisite look, it can also be a good investment for anyone who is art enthusiasts.

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