Modern Painting by Accident


Have you seen a finger a painting? Ruth Faison Shaw was the one who discovered this type of painting in 1920. What’s amazing about this painting is that she actually discovered this way of painting by accident.

Ruth Fashion Shaw was an instructor in an elementary school for U.S and British students in Rome during that time. One day, one of her boy student had cut his finger. For first aid, a good amount of iodine was put on the wound. The child then was sent to the school’s washroom to clean off the excess iodine but to her teacher’s surprise he did not return after several minutes. So, many adults went to the washroom to see what happen to the child. Instead of washing off the excess iodine he had smeared the reddish liquid on the tile wall making his own art work and smiled to them with pride. Seeing those art works, other children insisted to paint the same thing too with the use of that reddish liquid.

By seeing the happiness in that young boy and other children in doing such artwork, Ruth then decided to use that incident as an inspiration to come up with a fantastic and unique artwork. It appeared that the bare hands could actually serve as a perfect medium of expression but it would take years before anything practical could be developed.

Indeed, using your bare hands as a way to express your creativity, this could actually endanger the health of one child. Because of this, Ruth decided to make her way out to solve this problem. She used harmless earth and vegetable pigments mixed in safe binder base. She then developed a gelatin mixture that is smooth, washable, non-toxic and adapted to different colors without worrying that your child will licked it or eat it. She deliberately made this for finger-painting.

Because of that incident happened during her teachings, she began advocating this modern art form after she got back to United States in 1932. Since each color was placed in a small container, children could easily reach it to get the desired amount for their drawing. She liked the huge sheets of papers with a shinny surface used to give a child an opportunity to use their own creativity and imagination. Right after discovering this, the products and artistic concept were spread quickly to elementary school teachers across the country during the 1930s.

Looking for a gift? Children would definitely love finger-painting as your gift. As for adults who are art enthusiasts, abstract paintings would be a good idea. For your own convenient, why not order them online? Visit any abstract art gallery on the web and search among the gallery paintings that they will surely love!

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