Making Paintings on Fabric

Fabric Painting

Do you know that painting could not only make on canvas? Yes! Aside from canvas, you can put on your painting on fabric. This is absolutely a unique way of painting that finds vibrant expression on fabrics. Fabric painting is now becoming famous homemade handcraft and is practiced by anyone, whether as their hobby or as their source of income. Using simple techniques and procedures attractive paintings can be done within your means. Because of this, fabric painting has a high demand in markets nowadays.

What is fabric painting?

This way of painting is used fashionably in men’s shirt, ladies kurties, hand bags, cushion covers, curtains, upholsteries, wall hangings and many more. You don’t need to be very skillful in painting to become a fabric painter. You just need to have some creative skills and sounds knowledge on the different methods of fabric paintings and the rest will follow.

Fabric painting is all about mixing colors and applying enough heat. Fabric painter is like that of a chemist, instead of different chemicals they mix different colors and heat to use in order to come up in a specific form of painting. The most popular amongst them are the batik painting, dyeing, shibori, silk-screening, watercolor painting and layering.

The most common and simple forms of fabric painting would be dyeing. By doing this, fabric painter tied and merged some part of the fabric into colored dye solutions while some other parts are refrained from dyeing. By folding the specific part painter will be able to form a design joining together the colored and uncolored part.

To produce a Batik painting, they combine wax and dye. This is the most favored technique in all fabric paintings. This method of fabric painting originates in Indonesia, island of Java. To come up with Batik design, the painter first waxed the fabric. Next, they dyed the fabric and lastly, de-waxed it.

Shibori as another way to produce a fabric painting is a common Japanese tie-dye painting that looks attractive with its creases, pleats, stitches, loops and colorful motifs. This painting method is a bit complicated and it involves a series pf processes like stitching, folding, dyeing, pleating, creasing and embroidering.

So you see, with all your creativity and by using your skillful hands you can create masterpiece that is out of the canvas.

Interested in fabric painting? You will also like abstract painting as your design in your t-shirt. Or if you like it in your wall, better buy abstract art in any abstract art gallery or order online.

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