Creating a jungle look in your child’s room


Most children of today love different kinds of animals. If your children are one of them, this is good news for you! Jungle mural is a great way to give a new look for their room. It will look more fun and enjoyable. The question is how to create such look on their room?

Don’t worry if you don’t have that artistic talent because this type of mural is so easy to do as long as you have with you the materials needed.

Let me give you a tip, you can actually transfer a desired jungle scene, animal or image to transparency film then with the use of an overhead projector you can now display the full image of it on the wall which you can now trace and begin doing the painting.

You can buy transparency film from any store that sells computer accessories, business or school items. For the projector, why not borrow one to your office or your child’s school? If you can’t you can always rent one or better yet buy one from a local business store or look for a sale on line.

Try searching online for the sample images. Your child can choose from numerous designs as well as the images can easily print off on the transparency film. When selecting for images, I suggest you choose an image with less details.

Try to select those two-dimensional images. Another tip in using transparencies, why not use stencils for smaller animals like for birds that may be in the sky or on trees. You can also buy this in craft stores.

Another question would be what is the best paint to use for this wall mural? The best paint to use is acrylic paint and artist paints. You should also have different sizes of brushes.

Remember that your jungle mural is not just limited to your wall; you can also extend it to the ceilings. For example, when creating an image of tress, you can draw an extension of their leaves on the ceiling. You can also paint the ceiling with a light blue color to make it appear like a sky.

However, if you don’t feel like putting too much of trees on it, you can just focus your paintings on animals. You can do this s by placing different animals in different corners of the room. Remember, you ca always use the shape of your child’s room to your advantage in creating a jungle mural.

To go along with the jungle mural on your child’s room, why not buy them a bunk bed or loft bed. The good thing about these beds is that they give more three house effect that would encourage the imagination of your child, and will enhance upon the whole genuineness of the room.

In the end you will found out that the more you discuss this matter with your child, the more creative it would be. Not just that, the best thing about this is that it will bring lots of fun and bonding moments to the whole family!

Of course you can always have a choice. If you think you can really do this because you don’t have enough time but you really wanted to surprise you child with an image of their favorite animals, you might want to consider contemporary paintings of animals. There are so available on line or in any abstract art gallery in your area. Animal abstract painting is a good gift not only for children but for animal lovers as well!

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