Adding Some Twist to Your Room with Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion

Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion

Bored with the old white fashion look of your ceiling? Why not try Space Night Sky Ceiling Illusion? I bet you will love this as much as I do!

Here how you will do it:

First gather all the materials needed. It includes the following:

  • Good quality art brush (this is very available in most craft stores)
  • Invisible-by-day glow paint (I suggest you buy water based paint for it is the best and much safer for the environment and easier to clean up after as well)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Rags (for cleaning)
  • Drop cloth or old sheets
  • Painters tape or old ribbons and thumbtacks
  • Torchlight
  • Step ladder

Next step is preparing your room

    1. Clear your room by taking out the furniture inside.
    2. Put a cover using drop-clothes or any old sheets to the floor and any immovable objects or furniture.

And now, you are ready to paint…

  1. Use painter’s tape or colored ribbon and thumbtacks to tape off the ceiling into smaller areas.  It’s like painting using a grid system.
  2. As mush as possible darken the room. That’s why you have to use the torchlight to help you move around.
  3. Let the glow paint be exposed to sunlight or any strong source of light like the compact fluorescent lamp for about 5 minutes. After exposing it, take it in the darken room. Notice how it wonderfully glows in the dark!
  4. Dip the paint brush in the paint and put random dots on the ceiling covering one grid at the same time. Make different sizes of dots but take note that the largest should not mush bigger than the dime.
  5. Make sure to cover as many surfaces in the room as possible with the glow paint so you can create a Lost Space every time you turn off the light.
  6. After doing it on the ceiling, do it on the wall as well!
  7. Once you make it both on your ceiling and wall, you can now take out the step ladder and drop cloth outside.
  8. Then dilute a small amount of the glow paint in equal amount of water and shake it very well.
  9. Using the old toothbrush, dip it in this mixtures and sprinkle all over the floor of your room. Just don’t step on the areas you already sprinkled with the paint.
  10. Let the paint get dry fro about half an hour before you place back all the furniture in your room.
  11. You can charge up the paint in the room using a strong source of light like a compact fluorescent lamp bulb of about 15-20 watts. On daytime open your window to let the get in. Five minutes is good enough. This is the best way I think. Don’t forget to darken the room after.

So there you go! This is so easy to do. In the end, you be amaze of the result. It’s like you are riding in a magic carpet (through your bed) and lost in space! Try it!

For those who don’t have enough time to do this but really want to make their room elegant and alive, why not buy abstract art instead? Search them online of visit the nearest abstract art gallery in your area and search among the gallery paintings that suit your style!

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