“Green” Style of Painting


Modern artists continue doing their best to find new ways of doing an art piece. Basically, they use unusual materials and make it into a different form. Painting using plants is a result of this art experimentation. Artist use flowers or leaves and turned it into paint that looks more likely as watercolors.

Unlike any other, this process can be very fun. Let me give you an idea on how to do this kind of painting with paintings at the same time, how to use it to come up into a piece that perfectly fits the artist’s style.

What are the materials needed?

  1. Hammer
  2. Watercolor paper (cold pressed 140 lbs. Strathmore Watercolor Artist Trading Cards as an example)
  3. Wax paper
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Fresh leaves (I suggest you use fuzzy, thick leaves than glossy leaves, because they work better on this)

What you need to do?

  1. Smashing

With the use of the hammer, smash the leaves and flowers to get their juices. This will serve as your dye in water color paper.

Put the plant onto the watercolor paper. Next, cover the plant with wax paper. Then beat it with the hammer.

  1. Rubbing

By rubbing, you can also extract the plant’s juice, but here you will use different method. Tear apart the plant and by force rub it onto the watercolor paper to make an interesting wash of color.

After the wash of color is laid, you can now draw or paint on top of it.

  1. Layering

To add an effect to your art piece, layered your work with several different kinds of plants. Like for instance, smashed a watermelon leaf onto the paper, and then rub some petals of the orange flower over of the leaf print to achieve a look of an abstract art painting of a flower.

  1. Finally, manipulating

To manipulate botanical paintings, add some mixed media. For instance, use a felt tip pen to add more details on the painting. You can also use watercolor, ink, acrylics, to manipulate the appearance of the piece.

You can use this style in doing an abstract painting as well as other contemporary painting but you need lots of practice and testing to get fantastic results.

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