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Colors and its meanings…

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Most artists find painting as a therapeutic activity that allows them to express their suppressed feelings like anger, happiness and the likes. In fact, aside from being a recreation activity or as a means of livelihood for some, it has contributed a lot to the self-fulfillment and improvement of a person. In abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings for example, the way the colors, forms, shapes and texture were conducted and used by the artist reflects their inner emotions, personality or the entire totality of its maker.

Colors for one create a very big impact on the attitude and meaning of these artworks. So what do they represent and how do they affect the brain? Here are a few of their meanings:

  • White signifies guidance, purity, cleanliness and peace.
  • Black has a lot of meanings associated with it. But basically, they could mean elegance, intelligence, power, mystery, sorrow, seriousness or death
  • Red, just like black, also has a lot of meanings that may depend on a person’s culture. Red for Chinese means celebration but means mourning in South Africa. Generally, it has meanings that tend to pick up both sides of the stick since they are the opposites of each other such as passion, love, war and anger. In addition, the red color helps increase activity in the brain, heart rate.
  • Blue symbolizes peace, calmness, confidence, harmony, trust and coldness. Sometimes, it may also means sadness as usually heard in the expression “I’m feeling blue”, meaning that the person is feeling down.
  • Yellow symbolizes energy, enthusiasm or joy. But it may also refer to cowardice, dishonesty and illness.
  • Green never fails to help relax the mind because it is a color that helps an anxious or depressed person soothe. Basically, it is usually related to ‘freshness’ (because it is the common color of nature), wealth, renewal and youth. For its downside, it may also mean envy (as in green with envy) and greed.

Want to see the burst of colors come alive in your own room? Try to walk in an abstract gallery where you will see abstract art paintings make use of colors as their focal subject.

Trees in Abstract

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Nature is one of the common subjects for inspirations in abstract paintings. Maybe this is because we easily see them because by any rate, we are surrounded by nature itself. The trees for example have captured the interest of abstract art painters or artists all over the world; and have resulted to the wider propagation of not just by nature but also of the growth of art to the public. In addition, it has served as a portal for the other people to see the hidden beauty nature has to offer.

Making your own original abstract painting about nature is not always easy. But we can simplify them if we decide on taking an easier or smaller-scaled subject – just focus on that one thing. For this purposes of this discussion, we will make use of the trees that was mentioned earlier, where we will focus on one of its parts.

What part do you want to emphasize on? Is it the trunk, the leaves, the branches, the upper part of the tree or the lower part of the tree? When you have selected the part that you want to draw, you can now start painting it.

First on the list that you have to paint of course is the background. Choose a color that will make your ‘tree’ stand out.  Black will be a nice background color to start with.

Second, draw your tree or the part of the tree that you want to emphasize on. Shades of brown are the common colors but you may always opt to give a little kick to it. Don’t forget to put highlight to make those trees come alive.

Lastly, you may want to put another object in it that will help your tree look more alive and like it really is part of nature. Try adding a flower with vines surrounding the branches of the tree, Or a graceful butterfly that is trying to pass through the branches.

By any chance, nature never failed all of its viewers in making them feel just how exquisite wonderful and colorful life can be with the simple things that we see every single day of our lives.

How to Paint a Sea

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Want to make your own original abstract art but cannot decide on what you would like to paint? Why not try painting a beautiful scene in the beach?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a beach with very calm blue water kissing the white sands that are set against a luscious green mountain backdrop with the clearest sky that you could have ever seen way high above it. Imagine those smooth waves that gently touch the sand line, carrying a few of those sands along with them as they draw themselves back to the water, and strives hard to return to the shore again. Take a deep, relaxing breath and smell the sweet odor of the sea that surrounds you. Imagine the trees dancing and swaying gracefully to the tune of the warm breeze that brushes past against it and see the leaves as they gently fall down to those powdery smooth white sands. Look up and notice how blue a sky can ever be, with the soft white clouds trying to let the shy sunshine peek through, while sea birds slowly flies past. Feel the rhythm of the wind; listen to the beat of the sea waves, and the warmth of the sun.

Then, slowly take hold of your paint brush and start to paint the soft, clear and blue sky, the luscious mountain, the white sand that curves to the calm sea. Move in relaxed strokes, wavy lines, nothing really rigid or straight lines, nothing really definite. Blue on the upper part, green somewhere in the middle, aqua on the lower left side, and sandy white on the lower right side. Let the smooth and relaxing vibe you have felt earlier flow through your arms to your hands and to your brushes. Remember that what you want to show or paint are the feelings you felt while you were imagining the beautiful and relaxing scene you had just experienced earlier. Take a good grasp on the momentum it had given you.

And if things does not go well, just remember this beautiful quotation: Try the freedom of letting things flow as is the waves are not hitting the rocks, just bounce back and hit again. If not, you may try to buy abstract art paintings by visiting an online abstract art gallery.

Do-it-yourself Gift Idea: Mug it you way!

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With the “-beer”-months up and about, Christmas is definitely fast approaching! See your community go red and green with a lot of festive moods from the blah and chaos that it used to be. Walk down along a downtown street and you will see that as early as September comes in, the Yuletide season starts to come alive with the emerging Christmas activity promotions, Christmas decorations and presents crowding almost every store.

Now, speaking of presents, just what will you give to your loved ones, and especially to those god-children, that will fit your tight budget? Oh no! Really, really, no need to panic my friend. Don’t fret! Well, you may always resolve the problem with a simple solution: Do it yourself.

Here are some simple steps in doing a Do-it-yourself mug perfect for those boxes you will give:

  1. Choose your mug. White mugs are the best mugs to start your personalized mugs since the you will not have any difficulty in selecting the colors that you will use. But, if you already have a design that has a different background color, you may buy the mug with that color to make things easier.
  1. Paint it. If you have a design that you want to copy then do so. Or, you may opt to make use of stencils or sponges. Not good in painting or have no idea on just what you want to paint? Try designing your mug with an abstract art or contemporary art. These two forms of art gives you the freedom to do or paint, basically, whatever you want. Splatter your mugs with Christmas colors; put dots, lines – anything that you can think of. You may not know it, but you’re already doing your original abstract art on glass! It does not need to be perfect. You may use acrylic or porcelain paints and pens. Let the Christmas Spirit fill you when you design your mug. Just enjoy doing it!
  1. Wrap them (they’re ready to be given away!). When coating and all the colors are dry, wrap them or put them in colorful wrappers or boxes. Or, if you want, you may fill them in with other goodies like chocolates, candies and other things that your loved ones may like!

See? Why worry yourself with the Christmas hassles when it just easy as 1-2-3!

Distinguishing Abstract art from Representational

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If you have tried walking in an art gallery, most likely, you will see those gallery paintings that may only include colors, shapes, forms and textures to create an image or form – or in most cases, no specific image at all! These paintings are called abstract art. An abstract art painting uses only visual imagery, or are non-representational – meaning, all you see are those that we might find hard to comprehend by the first glance because they do not represent a subject per SE. They are not specific or defined by any instance.

To make things easier to understand, let’s do a simple activity:

  1. Try to enter an abstract art gallery in your local museums or stores that has art works up for display or sale. Or, if you want to just stay in the comforts of your home, try searching for online gallery paintings which allows you to view abstract art or contemporary art.
  1. Look at the paintings from afar. What do you see?

If you can see those paintings with stokes, lines and colors that are so well defined and are almost life-like or true to life, like the beautiful Mona Lisa, these are the Representational Art.

Do you only see the burst of the beautiful and exquisite colors, the varying shapes and strokes that create a form or does it give you the feeling that you can see or define something out of it, but can only comprehend the impression that they create? Ladies and gentlemen, you are now looking at a work of art done in abstraction. In short, these are abstract art.

  1. Come closer to the painting and look at the title. What does it says?

From afar, you might have seen, for example, two circles – one is bigger and is located on the upper part; the other smaller, just next to the bigger circle – and colors that seem to exude some warmth in it. But looking closer, you read the title that says “Mother and Child.” Now really, a mother and a child? Take another look at the painting and try to understand what those circles and colors meant. The bigger circle is the head of the mother, and the smaller one is the head of the child. Meanwhile, the warmth that the painting impresses upon its viewer is the love and care a mother gives to her child.

See the difference? In Representational Art, it lets you sees things as how they should be, meanwhile Abstract art lets you see things differently by allowing you to enter into a new level of creativity and imagination. So explore those senses and feelings, visit abstract art galleries or buy abstract art that will make your world more colorful!


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“No man is an island.” This is one of the quotes that we commonly hear when we human behavior is discussed. Is it true? Yes it is. No man will ever survive if he is always alone. In fact in the movie “Cast away”, Chuck Noland, whose role was portrayed by Tom Hanks, even created her ‘custom-made friend out of a volleyball’ named “Wilson” when he got stranded  on a deserted island due to an unfaithful plane crash just so he can keep himself sane.

Friendship is probably the most important foundation in a relationship any human being, may it be between two lovers, within family members, among a team, community, or basically in any organization where any person gets the chance to relate to the other persons surrounding him or her. This is because friendship serves as the primary stepping stone for people to establish a foundation that is more than enough to create an intricate relationship in the future. In addition, it is through friendship that we learn to get to know a person – their likes and dislikes, their emotional, physical and intellectual capacity, their tendencies when in a situation, and definitely a lot more- the possibilities are endless! With all of these, we are able to adjust to the personality differences that continuously occur, appreciate the works and efforts that they exert even if these are just the simple things in life, and complement the strengths and weakness of our friends so that we will all learn to be interdependent with each other, and thus achieving a better relationship and productivity out of that friendship.

So keep the friendship burning – walk, eat, talk and laugh with your friends or with your significant others. Boring day ahead? Try to visit an abstract art gallery where you may view and talk about the abstract paintings or contemporary paintings that you have fancied and have been curious about. Want to buy abstract art for your friend but can’t find them in your local galleries? Then try searching for an abstract art gallery online where you and your friend may choose from the wide array of gallery paintings available. The thing is, always seize the moments and have fun while in their company.

Motherhood in art

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Our mothers are one of those significant persons in our lives whom we will always cherish. They have brought and raised us up with all of their unconditional love and care. They  were the ones who spent sleepless nights just to watch over us, their guiding arms and hands never failed to keep us stand up especially during those times when we were about to fall, they cry when we are down, and bleed when we cry. They are the ones that strongly held us when the problems start to plague our lives, and believed in us when the entire world only sees the lies in us.

With that, these women and their noble acts of raising us continue to gain recognition as evident in most of the works of art that celebrate motherhood. In fact, renowned sculptors and painters such as Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio, Rubens, Salvador Dali and Henry Moore, have created classical artworks– with medium ranging from canvass to stones – that depicts a mother and a child, often called as “Madonna and child.”  In addition, abstract art and contemporary painting artists are not exempted from giving accolade to the continuous celebration of motherhood in the world of art as seen in their works that is filled with the prowess of the lines and forms that expresses the security, love, care, understanding, and the bond created between the mother and the child.

Mother’s Day may have already passed but it does not mean that the celebration ends there – it continues to go on for as long as there is mother who continues to look at her child with such loving eyes. So tell them how thankful you are. Give them the kisses you fail to share, the “I love you mom” that you are shy to say, the warmth of a hug that they have been waiting for, or the flowers that will simply make their day. Or, you may opt to give them something that will endure for a long time such as abstract art paintings that she may have liked in one of the abstract galleries you have visited together or with an original abstract art painting. Show them how you feel even if you might be far away with these paintings that are filled with colors, textures and form that will help brighten up her day when she sees it on her hallway.

Jazzing up a room with Abstract art

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For sure, every person has a favorite spot in their houses, pads, or flats– from parlors, reception area, kitchen, bathroom, private room, or porch. Bottom line is that favorite spot is your personal sanctuary that will most likely reflect your style, personality, and lifestyle that shields you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Personalizing your comfort zone is not always easy. For one, the design is a crucial matter – what do I want to achieve? What style will work well with me and will best describe or reflect my personality? Speaking of personality, which personality will I want to express? Will the layout be functional? Two, there’s the furniture to think about – What furniture will I buy? Or if I have existing furniture, will they fit my needs? Will they work well with the other things inside my room? Will they help me achieve the design that I want to achieve? If not, what will I do? Will I throw them away, or recondition them? Will I let my existing furniture determine my design, or will I let my design determine what furniture to buy? Three, is the financial capacity – will I be able to afford all these? of course, the list does not end there – there are a lot things yet to consider.

Question now is, what will you do that will not only help spare you from those dilemma mentioned above and yet it will help you to really reflect your persona? The answer is easy: Jazz them up with art. If you are not sure which art to invest in, you might want to consider abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings which allow any person to explore all of his interests and level of persona since these works of art offers endless options and possibilities with regard to their subject matter and their impact on its viewers. In fact, their interpretations will largely depend on how you will interpret them! Indeed – endless! The burst of colors that these paintings offer will not only help brighten up your room, but it will also add some kick to the atmosphere while being functional and economical at the same time! You may view samples of these gallery paintings and buy them in an abstract art gallery.

Expressing feelings with Flowers

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Can’t say “I love you” but still wonder how you may say it in its most meaningful manner? Do it with the help of flowers!  Whichever generation a person may belong to, flowers have already created a certain trademark among every persons heart in saying the words “I love you” in its purest and simplest form.

Ever since the ancient times flowers have been synonymous in expressing those words into something tangible and meaningful – a fight between lovers, a birthday celebration (or other occasions for that matter) among friends, family or communities, or as offering or design; from a husband to his wife, a child to his or her parents, a sibling to the brother, a lover to his loved one, a friend to another, a last farewell offering of a grieving person to someone or as an offering of a believer to his maker – all of these people and instances have found the power of giving and saying things with flowers. Be it for better or worse situations, flowers has indeed created a positive feeling and a very big impact on the minds of every individual as a sign not just of love, but also of peace.

Aside from the emotional impact flowers have generated among its givers and recipients, they have also occupied a special place in making the world of art, music, and literature more colorful. As in abstract art or in contemporary paintings, flowers have conquered the interest and imaginations of both its creators – the artists – and its viewers. With their large diversity, their exquisite and delicate structures, their wide range of beautiful colors, the variety in attitude, form and feelings they inculcate among their spectator, they have created an assortment of possibilities available for the artists to choose from in creating their own versions of the color, form and texture to put on their canvasses and give these flowers another life. In fact, if you will try to view abstract art paintings or contemporary paintings from several abstract art galleries you will most likely find a large array of varieties in the expression of their artworks in their displays or collections but still find a common subject – flowers!

Indeed, flowers allow every individual to explore the different ways of expressing their feelings and not just that, they are also friendly for those who have allergies with flowers!

People in Abstract art

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Every human being is unique in their own rights. In fact, a person’s personality is still considered as one of the world’s unresolved mysteries since a person’s being varies from an individual to another.  In an artist’s effort to put into visual form a human being’s persona, such as in an abstract art, it has created a distinct individuality and a lot of varieties in on artist’s canvass from another canvass. “What am I feeling?”, “Why am I feeling this way?”, “What do I want to express?”, “How will I express these feelings?’ – these are the questions that an artist is faced with when dealing with his or her own self, meanwhile, the questions such as “what are they conveying to me?”, “How does it feel to be in their shoes?” and “What can I see and feel?”, are the questions artists  face in their intention to draw other people’s feelings.

The fright and agony in “The Scream” by The Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, and the ethereal beauty manifested in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” are just some of the infamous abstract art paintings that have captured the million hearts of their viewers because of their superb manner of showcasing the intricacy and mystery of a human being’s individualism and qualities.  In Edvard Munch’s art, the screaming man against the blood red colored-sky backdrop has caused a lot of controversies among scholars, and has gained a good standing as one of the prospects of art thieves.  Meanwhile, Mona Lisa’s smile has caused a lot of people to wonder about the woman, and her entire persona. The woman’s mysterious expression that can “launch a thousand ships” if needed be, the composition and the infusion of other forms and illusions on its backdrop never fails to acquire an unwavering appreciation, study and scrutiny of its curious viewers. Indeed people are one of the very controversial subject matters in art.

Want to get a better grasp on people’s feelings on canvass? Consider visiting any abstract art gallery and allure yourself with the beauty and inspiration of the paintings. Better yet, why not try a hand on those colors and brushes and make your original abstract art painting that depicts a person’s feeling.