Want to have something affordable to hang on your wall?

Imagine a room without any decorations in it. It looks dull right? The fastest way to bring an alluring look to your room is to put up some prints of beautiful paintings.

You might want to consider the following:


For printing paints, expect to pay a range amount of $50-$500 for an unframed print. Prints that cost less than $50 are more likely look like a poster. Aside from that, you should also expect to pay a comparable amount to have your print framed. Before art prints were sold online, the only way to get them was either in the galleries or in the museum shops hat has to charge a large markup. It is not a surprise if you find an art prints today that cost more than a few hundred dollars and indeed impossible to find good-quality prints below $100. However, those lower amount prints might also be on sale. But if you are a fun of paintings like the “Starry Night” of Van Gogh, you should not be surprise if you will spend much money on it.


For each painting or photograph, there is at least on print on display in a museum anywhere. With the help of internet, nowadays it is much easier to find the right art print among the numerous existing prints and have it send to you right away, regardless of where the original is located. And because websites will let you browse thumbnail images of the artwork, it will be easy for you to find a specific piece even if what you just know is the artist’s name or the time period when is what made.

And just to let you know, prints are available in variety of print stocks.

Prints or Original Paintings?

If what you just wanted is to have some prints to decorate you wall rather than collecting them, I suggest you buy prints instead the original one. The reason behind are as follows:

Costs: An original work of art will take some weeks before it become finish. Think about the costs it will take you for hiring someone to make that artwork of yours. That is one reason why original artwork costs for about thousands of dollars. For you to have the art piece you wanted, you should also buy the labor of an artist investing on it.

Questionable investment value: Original artwork only has investment value if the price rises. More often than not, amount does not. To make it short, if you are more on to investment, I suggest you buy stocks and t buy art for the sake of you are giving value to it.

Wisdom: What you need to have is the wisdom of what you are doing. Better have no error since there are lots of frauds in this business. Another thing is, there are many wishful thinking on the part of art dealers in regards to a work’s long-term market prospects.

Now you can make your room look more beautiful and alive. With the use of internet you can have lots of choices to choose from. All you have to do is search them. You might as well buy abstract art prints on the abstract art gallery site. Just make sure to look for prints of those abstract art paintings that will surely fit your taste.

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