Used Art Books For Painting Inspiration

Perhaps every artist has a fondness for an art books. For the beginners, you can have those over-sized books with great big, full-hue, completely clear photographs, they will surely help you in making your art piece.

Others preferably called those tomes as coffee table books, but for me and for some artists like me, we prefer calling it as a painting inspiration, a study guide, or just plain old edibles. This is a good idea for the painters who never painted from the old masters, or just using their afternoon leafing through hundreds of exquisite paintings.

If you are living in a rural area and hundred miles away from the Art Institute, I suggest you give these books a try.

You can check out the site for a good used book supplier where you can look for a “used book” that is appropriate for you. You may also want to check them out in Amazon and or might as well type the words “used books” in Google search line.

In, many of their books seemed to be former library books, but don’t worry about the book’s condition because their library really handled their books well.

Another tip is, if you can’t find enough information in the internet about what you’re getting such as number of color plates involve, or the size of plates, and many more buying these used art books would definitely have an answer to such questions.

For those artists who live near the library at Buena Vista University. You might also want to visit this library since they has a huge number of art books collection that might serve as your inspiration for whatever painting you likely to create. Of course if there’s a college or university near your community, why not pay a visit so you can look through and check out the books that you’re thinking about buying.

Of course, you can also spend your vacant time visiting an abstract art gallery and examine the gallery paintings so you will have a clear idea of what you need to do to create a great art piece. But no need to buy abstract art or paintings, handling yourself a used book will surely inspire you in making a great piece of art.

Any artist could whether look for a two week diversion, or something that will inspire, nourish and further enhance your knowledge in artistic activities. So, why not try used art books?

What children paintings can do?

Surely, children’s paintings could frequently arouse a sense of wonder to those involve. For many years now, working with many artists and decorators who have both experienced and created this sense of wonder has been a great honored for me.

I remember a colleague and fellow artists of mine reveal how a simple project of decorating the children’s waiting are at a local hospital aid him from giving back his sense of wonder and fun. It so happen that during the times when he was looking for an inspiration for this project he saw two children’s painting illustrating scenes from his long favorite childhood books. It looks like the paintings brought back the wonderful childhood memories therefore inspiring his long lost sense of fun.

I think by just placing children’s artwork and paintings on the empty walls of the lounge will change the entire place ambiance. It could make the patience either old or young to feel better, more optimistic and willing to work harder to regain their good heath. All of this could be attain through adding a bit of fancy and wonder to the room with the children’s artwork and paintings.

Another good thing and joy that could give by children’s paintings is told by a decorator friend of mine. He told me how a childless couple asked for help in choosing a few wall hangings. He described their style as a minimalist, but when he showed them his portfolio they were specifically taken with a few lollipop art prints. What I am trying to say is, they decided to add a few lollipop art prints to the main hallway of their home. The art prints did not only add warmth to the entire house but it also seemed to add a warmth and sense of happiness to the couple too.

Being inspired by children’s painting can also add positive changes in ones life. According to another friend decorator of mine, a family who never seemed to do anything for bonding was inspired to add family days into their lives after they saw  some children’s painting depicting families cycling together hung by a decorator in different places. It brought their family into a closer relationship to one another and they decided to schedule more family events in a month.

Fancy children’s paintings can of course inspire artistic expression. A fellow artist explain how a dance studio owner raved that after he asked a mural artist to paint on the walls at her dance studio, the young students was inspired and the enrollment almost doubled. The children admired the ballerinas in the mural that they wanted to be just like them.

I think these examples and different circumstances are enough prove that both children and adults can benefit by juts a little whimsy in their lives. Children’s paintings are but one way to fill you life with some fun and inspiration.

Interested in children’s painting for inspiration? You might also be interested in abstract art. Abstract art paintings from famous painter will surely give you inspiration. It is not necessarily to by abstract art if you don’t have that budget, as an alternative why not frequently visit an abstract art gallery where you can see different wonderful paintings.

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