The Art of Sand Animation

No wonder only a few knows about sand animation. Have you see the trailer of “The Sand Magician” by De Zandtovenaar? This trailer gives a glimpse of how the artist works. He moves various color of sand around to come up with a live sand painting as animation. Almost absolutely inspired by traditional sand painting, the multimedia art form looks like to only be evolving. Since this is new, you might find it hard to find information regarding it. This makes the job challenging for young and novice artist who want to make an art out of this as they will discover modern techniques.

The multimedia technique is incorporated with:

A light box that could be as simple as the light boxes animators and graphic artists used trace during working.

  • A surface where you can paint with colored sands and absence of sand that can be as simple as a big sheet of Perspex. It should be large enough so sand will not fall over the sides.
  • Webcam or movie camera that is tightly set onto tripods to keep it steady.
  • A music that can be a part of the script or stimulation and ringleader of the story like the lyrics of the song that makes the story painted as an animation. You can captured the movie live or add it in a program like Movie Maker
  • You can also add some captions using a software program Movie Maker or Adobe Premier after the final work is finished.

Several ways can be use to manipulate the sand; move around; introduced or removed from the surface of the picture plane.

Some of the methods are listed below:

  • Pushing the use of the finger
  • Blowing the sand onto he surface
  • Drawing the use of a slight instrument like the skewer
  • Wiping the sand with the se of hand that is often right off the surface
  • Blowing the sand with different levels of intensity
  • Dashing of materials with different intensity
  • Dropping of particles with a dropped hand

Though this is almost absolutely inspired by traditional sand painting, it looks like this form is developing as a multimedia art form. If you are a teacher of an abstract art you can teach your students to discover as many ways as possible to draw and paint with and into the sand. If you want to learn more about this art form I suggest you search for examples on sites like where your students can analyze the work and think hard on how the artist come up with such art work. Through also the internet you might also want to look some of the examples of contemporary paintings that are being exhibit in an abstract art gallery online and make them as an inspiration for your sand art painting.

Here are some of examples of contemporary modal sand painting:

An example of contemporary modal sand painting is that of Ilana Yahav. He created “Let’s Get Together last January 2007 and one of the best known sand artists. You can search and look for his art piece at He is artwork he combine popular music together with construction of paintings that seems to have a delightful appeal world wide.

This work is surely appealing and multimedia students will enjoy strive their best to know how to do the projects. They will surely engaged themselves in such activities and enthusiastic if they can choose their own style of music.

An example of Sand Art by world renowned sand artist David Alcala is less difficult that animated sand painting. Through this style of sand painting, your students will be able to see how artists build up images as composition. Ad I think it would be much better if teachers will encourage their students in doing simple sand paintings on canvas in preparation. Students may also want to work at this level until they are comfortable painting with the medium before moving on to light shows.

If the students wish to moved from sand painting to light box work they can gradually introduce music to it. Through this, a learner will be able to know each phase of the task separately. As the job becomes more difficult, the student will naturally move toward the higher-level of thinking that is necessary to combine modalities in a multifaceted way.

For teachers, this multimodal story telling projects provide them with rich, fertile contexts that will develop the student’s literacy. Students can write their projects to have a polished product that they can be shown in the public with pride. Within this context they can make labels, title pages, introduction and credit sheets in Movie Maker or their preferred program. ESL teachers will be able to work with their students and encourage them to caption the animated story in English or another language.

Know more about sand art painting including abstract art paintings of today and try to search them online.

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