How artist can help in saving the environment?

Good news for all the artists out there who also love to save the earth at the same time. There are now earth-friendly products that are very much available in the market. Below are five methods for artists to go green while saving money in the process.

Making your own paper

Making new paper out of those old papers is an intelligent way to recycle the paper that is very useful for the artist’s needs. You can search online regarding the method of recycling some old papers and making them a new one.

Dried watercolors tubes can also be reuse

Dried watercolor tubes can also be reuse and could be recycled into watercolor pans.

  1. Put the tube on the work flat surface
  2. With the use of utility knife, cut a line down the center of the aluminum and across diagonally.
  3. Pry the aluminum back with the tip of the utility knife.
  4. Then, take away the dried watercolor paint in one piece.
  5. Lastly, use dried watercolor as a watercolor pan. Wet your brush and touched it slightly onto the watercolor to get pigment on the brush.

Trading tools

Some artists have tools that they no longer use. Trading them with your fellow artist to avoid them from throwing in the garbage bin is a good idea. You might want to check out the sites below. These sites help their members trade goods over the internet for free or sometimes with minimal amount.


A frugal, eco-friendly artist can make a functional desk for their office or studio for a little amount, and even for free. All it takes is a little creativity and some elbow grease.

Environmental-friendly products

Several art materials producers are coming out with brands that take in responsible production practices by using regenerative energy sources, using post-consumer products and alternative fibers. Because of this, artists have lots of options in choosing quality art materials that are good for the environment.

I suggest you take a look and try these products:

  1. Strathmore’s Windpower art paper collection: Here, papers are made by using wind power and 30% post-consumer fiber content.
  2. Artemis Plant Colored pencils and pastels: he pencil and pastel here are made from natural plant extract so, you are ensured that you are using non-toxic colorants.
  3. Hemp Heritage sketching, drawing, and journal books: The papers are made from hemp instead form tress.
  4. Fila Olie oil pastels: Oil pastels are made from natural materials.

With these simple tips and information, any artist who loves to save the earth will achieve the goal they wanted to gain.

Are you an abstract art enthusiast and have a great feeling of saving our earth at the same time? You may want to visit any abstract art gallery who patronized environment-friendly materials for their abstract art paintings.

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