Gustav Klimt Famous Painting “The Kiss Yellow”

Gustav Klimt was a popular Australian Symbolist painter who was also one of the famous founding members of what is known as the Vienna Art Nouveau movement.

The Kiss Yellow

Originally called as Der Kuss and was painted by Klimt in 1907 to 1908. This painting was surely led him to his biggest success. The painting in true style of this master representation of a couple covered in gold and symbols sharing a passionate kiss. The couple was painted in contrast to a usual background.

Naturally, what you can see in the painting is a man standing but bending down to kiss the woman who is kneeling down to an area covered with flowers like as if getting into the position to accept the man’s kiss, but not really partaking in the lovemaking actively.

The covering golf for the man is full of rectangular shapes and mostly in black and white, while the woman’s cover was made of dots in various hues, perhaps representing bunches of flowers.

You might want to know some of the interpretation about this work of art:

For many people, they believe that the gold cover that shared by the subjects of the painting and the insipid background conjure the eternal union of two bodies that a kiss can arouse.

Another one is that the painting is a fine example of the emotions being experienced when the two people share their first kiss. It is describe as beautiful, exciting and golden.

It is also interpreted as the man in the painting felt lost in the kiss, and the woman was unable to move by the kiss and so turns her head way from it.

For some, it was perceived as a symbol of submission by the woman to the man and shares a moment of sexual ecstasy that is a very memorable experience.

Also, there is a belief that Gustav and his beloved Emilie Floge as acted as models for this classic work of art.

The Kiss Yellow is not the signature style of Gustav Klimt as he is popular for painting powerful and remarkably beautiful women mush like Pallas Athene.

Surely, this painting is able to evoke strong feelings of passion, desire and want that are characteristics of any true love relationship between the couple.

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