Creating artwork using computer

For the past years artists used natural media for expression such as paint, charcoal, graphite, and chalk. In present where computers are more powerful and interfacing technology more organic, the computers capability to create artworks similar to traditional media is causing the computer as the medium of choice for two-dimensional, visual artwork.

Despite the fact that traditional media is not going away soon, most especially in the fine art community, commercial artist of these days are taking full advantage of this very useful software that bring together all the tools into one package, and lessen the cost and time involve in that of traditional media.

Mostly used software like Photoshop™ and Corel ™ contains a wide variety of tools that imitate traditional media, and also offers new effects and methods that are impossible to imitate outside of a computer. Digital painting offers some of the following features:

ü      Custom brush creation

ü      Independent drawing layers

ü      Multiple filters effects

ü      Traditional paint simulation

ü      Zoom navigation

These tools are used in combine with digital graphics tablet technology like the one offered by Wacom™. With the use of this, an artist can work much more efficiently because they will no longer wait for the paint to become dry or even worry about unintended staining or smudging, and can undo or erase errors ad try again.

This Tablet Technology will let the artist apply natural movement which is especially important for draftsmen. Artists can change the whole tool collection with a single drawing pad and stylus with pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, programmable buttons, and other features

What artists can get?

The good thing about this digital art is it allows many proletarian artists and art students who don’t have enough budgets for the high expense of materials being used in traditional painting and drawing, to become skilled and experiment with a medium that cost nothing after the initial investment. This allows the artist to try out with new concepts and techniques without damaging hours of work in a one error.

Endless flexibility of digital art has no limitation and only an artist’s creative thinking can limit her/him. Several students and amateur artists are being encouraged to try various media styles that they might be in hesitate to use and in turn we can produce a diverse and creative artists who mix and coalesce different methods.

Making an art with the use of the computer means that it is also instantly available for sharing and exhibiting through email and the World Wide Web. If you have observe many artist of today are popping up all over the internet where they give critiques, instructions, and exhibit of their artwork takes place. Since digital arts have connection with computers it became an important tool in growing population of these artist communities.

Traditional media has a long history and continue to become popular long into the future especially in the fine art community. Nowadays many artists used digital art medium in the commercial art world as long as computer technology is there and continue to develop and expand its ability, computers will continuously execute more and more in all aspect of art expression.

With the use of digital art media, you can also create your own contemporary painting or abstract art painting as easy as 1-2-3. You can also exhibit you abstract art in an abstract art gallery on line.

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