Golf Course Paintings

Good news for golf lovers! Golf art is now gaining more of popularity specifically in terms of investment. Any golf lover would surely want to have a painting of their favorite golf course signature hole in their rooms. Since original oil painting of a golf course is expensive, alternatives are available to access your favorite landscapes with the choice to invest in a limited edition Giclees. Giclees has the highest quality canvas replicas that look very much like the original ones.

Between buying a photograph or a painting of your favorite golf course, I think paintings would be much better choice than photographs because photographs generally don’t appreciate and reducing it value over time. Giclees are a good investment too if they are personally singed in pencil by the artist and also numbered for their limited edition. Graeme Baxter’s famous golf course arts will fetch you a better return on investment. Graeme is considered as the “official artist” to more golf events than any other artists that places him at the top of the list for gold course commissions. His original artworks are being sold from $14,000 to over $200,000 depending on the overall size of the piece. Giclees oh his paintings are much more affordable but look very much like the originals.

Giclees of beautiful world famous golf courses that are made by renowned golf artists has more value than those of ordinary course. You might want to check out the impressive golf landscape paintings, like those of Graeme Baxter that were displayed at well-known golf clubs around the world such as Pebble Beach, Mission Hills, Augusta, St. Andrews Old Course, Dubai, and Pine Hurst in China. Surely, golf lovers will enjoy the beautiful artwork of golf course landscapes.

Artists in this field make Giclees out of their photographs, original artwork, or computer generated art. On a per print basis, Gicless are more expensive than 8-color offset lithography that is known as the traditional or old process. Ink jet printing is much better than off set one.

CMYK color process is the most common used ink jet printers. In Giclees, it is important to use archival inks that are fade resistant, including the solvent inks. You can choose from several forms of printing materials such as papers, vinyle, and the most popular among all is the cotton canvas. A more high technology ink jet printer is used in creating a enormous variations of colors that are required like light cyan and light magenta inks along with regular cyan and magenta colors.

This process is being used since the mid 1990s. During those times, the prints didn’t have a long lasting color. As for Giclees, they used high-quality and latest ink jets that have higher longevity and light fastness. So before investing, I recommend you to check the first the quality of the ink.

Want to know more about golf course painting? Are you an art enthusiast who loves collecting contemporary painting? Visit gallery paintings online or buy abstract painting in the nearest art gallery in your place.

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