Do It Yourself Glass Panting

Surely, when paint is put into glass, it will create an amazing work of art. This art is now becoming so popular because aside from collecting them, they are a perfect choice for your home decoration. As a matter of fact anyone could actually do it. Since this is not that difficult to do, you can come out to a beautiful painting on a glass a day.

With glass painting you need to have with you some paints, clean piece of glass, glass liners, paint brushes, nail polish remover and a soft piece of cloth. You can buy these materials in a set, so no need to worry. You can purchase these kits in the market. Of course, you will also need your creativity and a little bit of patience. Before you start you will also need to choose regarding the colors you will use. If you are a beginner, I suggest you use a water-based color, which is also included in the beginner’s kit.

How to make your own glass painting?

  1. So, you have all with you the materials needed for glass painting, next thing you should do is to clean the glass till the surface become smooth.
  2. If you choose to not oven cure it, and then you need to have a somewhat rough surface. Firing it in an oven will let the oil paints dry and stick better or else paints will peel or become crack. You can also rough up the surface with wet or dry sandpaper. This way the paint will stick better and last longer.
  3. I suggest that you choose a pattern that has clear outlines with less possible curves and pointed corners.
  4. Trace the pattern on a piece of paper that has an exact size as the glass. Your pattern should be drawn exactly at the center with at least 1 or ½ inches margin on all sides.
  5. Remain the glass on the patterned paper. Make sure it aligns correctly.
  6. Using the glass liner, make some outlines of the pattern on the glass. To make it more visible, I recommend you use a black glass liner. The use of this border lines is to hole the wet colors in their place and avoid the paint from spilling.
  7. Be careful not to mess up the pattern! In case you mess it up, clean the smudged part with cotton-wool that has an ample amount of nail polish remover then wipe it with a piece of cloth.
  8. Let the pattern dry. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 hours to get it completely dry. You might also want to use a blow dryer to quicken the process.
  9. After drying, you can now apply the colors to fill the patterns in a same manner of stoking. Get enough amount of paint and don’t let it spill. Any part that is not painted can be seen from the reverse side by lifting up the glass. Remember not to lift the glass in a vertical position or else it will drip off the colors.
  10. You may encounter bubbles in applying your colors, if such thing happen, pierce it with a needle or a pin or gently brush them towards the outlines so they will be out of the boarders and then you can wipe them with the nail polish remover.
  11. Do not double the coat of the paint in any portion of the patter.
  12. Leave it for at least 24 hours, and let it dry completely.
  13. After doing so, place it in an oven. Set the temperature to 160 degree C or 325F. When the temperature finally reach 160 deg C, time it for 40 minutes then switch off the oven and allow it to cool. Then remove the glass painting inside the oven.
  14. If you do want to fire it in the oven, you can just let it dry in an open air.
  15. You may also put you glass painting some beads, glitter, and sequins right after applying the paint, before it dries.

This technique can also be use to decorate and make a painted stain glass window or mirror.

You may also consider any modern art to decorate your home like abstract art. You can buy abstract paintings online or visit abstract gallery. Perhaps you can also see some glass paintings for our home.

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