Coffee Painting straight from Java Cup!!!

Truly, may artist still find their way to discover a new technique for their artworks. German artist named Dieter Roth add a twist to his masterpiece. He used a variety of edibles in his cultural work including spices and bananas. Espresso, coffee or Tea is not an exception. I’m sure some of you have already heard the sensational and fabulous art of coffee painting.

Brief Historical Background

According to some, the art of coffee painting might originated from “Thai’ regions. In the past, Chinese were used to make brown background in painting using tea. Yet, coffee painting nowadays is taking over its place completely.

Perfect for artwork

Not all people know that coffee is a great medium to form art. Using coffee as your medium will have your painting an old-look effect. Using a pure coffee, water and brush will let your painting have an everlasting shine. This unique method of painting can not be delivered by any other medium.

Only a few knows that coffee painting could be use as a dye for painting and creation. Artists are coming up in a series creating a tremendous art with coffee. Pornchai Lerthmmasiri (Thailand), Mira and Amita, Andy and Angel, Karen Eland and others are few of artists who have done a fantastic and extraordinary artwork with coffee.

Coffee has its unique qualities to other mediums. Coffee is a unique way in making your artwork. It will depend on how much water you add to create different tones. According to Pornchai, at first he started to cover his water color painting lightly with coffee to get the old-look effect. He found out that it was very interesting and effective and continued to experiment. Some of it was good and some were not.

Ancient buildings, waterfalls, distant mountain, streets in one shade or anything which is kind of brown color can be made with coffee effectively.

Using coffee as your dye is not that difficult, all you need is just coffee mixed with water, a brush and water color paper. You can try it on canvas but note that when it becomes fold, the coat of the coffee will crack. You may want your paper mounted on wood to keep it from flexing.

Note that if you will use too much coffee the texture will be too elastic to paint with and will make unwanted glittering flakes on the paper. Though coffee paintings may not be last a lifetime but the same can be said for many other mediums.

Some others belief that once you paint with coffee, you will never think of any other mediums. Perhaps, impression and aroma of coffee painting holds breathe of art, artist, and art lovers on single canvas.

Coffee painting is one of many modern way of doing an artwork. Many contemporary paintings of today give an ever-fantastic look to your place. You may also buy abstract art painting to decorate your place. You may also visit the nearest abstract art gallery and be amaze with what you will see.

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