Butterfly paintings for Nature Lovers

Are you fond of beautiful butterflies? Well, here’s a butterfly painting for you.

Even if the artist use the modern way of painting butterflies wherein he uses the real wings of the dead butterflies in his artwork, you can still sense the symbol of spirituality, change of transformation, happiness, love, and beauty.

The different stages in the life cycle of the butterfly have been used not only in paintings and drawings but also in films to demonstrate the transformation or metamorphoses of the characters.

Butterfly painting can not only benefit your own home but also others. It serves as a perfect gift for you friend’s weddings, birthdays, and new beginning. You can see several butterfly paintings that portray the winged creatures in he different stages of their life. Form egg to larvae and pupa up to finally a beautiful butterfly. It shows the wonderful transformation of a slimy worm to a beautiful and colorful butterfly.

Artists can paint a butterfly in its natural habitat. He can also paint it from his memory or from a photograph he took from a certain garden.

Most f these butterflies have very colorful and beautiful wing patterns that many artists wanted to capture and put into their canvasses.

Two of notable artists in this industry are Mark Astrella and Damien Hirst. Mark Astrella lives in Maui Island where he gets his inspiration for his vibrant butterfly paintings. His work can be seen in mgazines and children’s book.

The North American Butterfly Association honored him as the “Butterfly Artist of the Year” for his noticeable dedication for his artworks subject.

So, do you want to have a collection of butterfly paintings? Or consider having abstract art paintings as your wall décor in the house. Buy abstract art online or visit the nearest abstract art gallery in your place.

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