The Natural Beauty of Female Nude Paintings

Since ancient age nude painting of female human body remained as the favorite subject for many artists. While selecting a model, artists in different fields do it for several reasons. Selecting human bodies as their model keeps certain theories in their minds. One example is the radiating paintings of Venus.

There’s the nude paintings of Venus, the Goddess of Love, personify love and harmony. In several different paintings, she is shown with Mars, the God of war. The reason behind it is to show effort of love and the sense of harmony to restraint the urge leading us to war. The artist wants to appease the warmonger living inside us.

Choosing a nude female as their model, artists want to link themselves with the viewers emotionally. The wanted to communicate the exact feeling they encounter while just looking at the nude object. During the prehistoric time, whether it may be the paintings of Venus or work done on the churches altars, artist’s main objectives remained the admiration of the beauty of human body, especially of the female body.

However, through selecting the women’s body, mostly as the base of their representation of their art, the artists always meet the difficulties included with the complexity and the stigma attached with the figurative painting in general and the nude paintings of female specifically.

Western artists, particularly European, looks like unusually preoccupied with the painting of nude persons, women and men. They have made the human body an important, a key building block of their art. On the other hand, in Eastern countries like India, nude paintings are still unacceptable.

In modern time, there are lots of contemporary painting that features both nude female and male. You can visit any abstract gallery and you can find among those gallery paintings lots nude painting by famous painters.

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