The Kangra Paintings

Kangra paintings are of the prehistoric art in India. It belongs to the school of Pahari paintings that were support by the Rajput rulers between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Pahari paintings as the name suggests, were paintings executed in the hilly regions of India, in the sub-Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. It is in the development and modification of Pahari paintings, that the Kangra School features. Beause of the support given by Maharaja Sansar Chand, it became the most important center of Pahari painting.

The Themes

More possible than not, Radha-Krishna legend is the most popular theme of this ancient art from Kangra. Motivated by Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda, artsist played out the love drama of these two lovers in idyllic forests and besides river banks while the Sat Sai depictions of the legendary lovers were set against an architectural background with walls, balconies, and windows. Kangra paintings are also inspired by the Bahgavad Purana portayed incidents from the life of young Krishna in opposition of the Brindavan forest or river Yamuna. Some of the well-known themes were the stories of Nala and Damayanti and those from Keshavdas’s Baramasa.

Painting’s Feature

One of the most outstanding features of the ancient Kangra paintings is the verdant greenery it portrays. Its style is quite naturalistic and great attention is paid to detail.

This is made obviously by using multiple shades of green. It also features flowering plants and creepers, leafless trees, stream and rivers.

Artists of these paintings adopted numerous shades of the primary colors and use subtle and fresher hues. Like for example, they use a light pink on the upper hills to indicate distance.

The paintings also portray the feminine charm in a very graceful way. Facial features are soft and refined that makes the female figures looks remarkably beautiful. Aside from that, is also portrays nocturnal scenes, storms, and lightning. Paintings were often huge and had complex compositions of many figures and elaborate landscapes. You can also notice clusters of houses and towns that are depicted in the distance.

What extraordinary about this Kangra paintings is that the artists used colors made from vegetables and mineral extracts where they use cool and fresh colors. Because of this Kangra paintings are also being known for the lyrical blending of form and color.

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