Night watch painting by Rembrandt

Night watch painting was created by Rembrandt and can see in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. He finished his masterpiece in 1642 with the original title of The Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch. Night Watch is its popular title that simply means “a company being a militia guard”.

In the year 1715 a shield was painted onto the Night Watch consisting 18 names of people. So I strongly recommend that if you paint a group portrait always remember to draw a diagram at the back to go with the names of everyone!

Just last March 2009 a Dutch historian named Bas Dudok van Heel revealed the mystery of the names of those people in the painting. His research even found items of clothing and accessories illustrate in the Night Watch stated in inventories of family estates that he then gathered with the age of the various militiamen in 1642 which the year it was completed.

Later on, he also discovered that in the hall where Rembrandt’s Night Watch was first hung, there were also six group portraits of militia originally displayed in a continuous series, not six separated paintings that was long been thought instead, six groups portraits by Rembrandt, Pickenoy, Bakker, van der Helst, Van Sandrart, and, Flinck formed and unbroken fresco each matching the other and fixed in the wooden paneling of the room. Otherwise that was the intention. His masterpiece Night Watch doesn’t fit with the other paintings in either composition or color. It gives the impression that he did not stick to the terms of his commission. But then again, if he had, we would never have this wonderful century group portrait masterpiece.

Know more about Rembrandt’s Night Watch or visit any abstract art gallery. You could also buy abstract art and be fascinated of how contemporary paintings are being created.

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