Feng Shui Painting

In designing your place, paintings can play a very important role in Feng Shui. In the situation you just can’t change the color of the wall if you want to hang a painting with special color and shape to balance your room. Because there are five elements in Feng Shui, there are also five types of Feng Shui paintings. These are water, metal, earth, wood and fire paintings.

Metal Paintings:

Metal in Feng Shui is associated with money. If you want to enhance this energy you can display in you home images or paintings with coin energies, something metal, metal bowls full of oranges, because oranges are associated with gold. You can also use some picture of something circle or round silver, gold, gray or white.

For your paintings, place them in the West or North West to improve cash flow. Through this, you can also strengthen and maintain the energies associated with leadership and organization in the north.

Fire paintings:

If you are more onto your own success and recognition, fire paintings are the right choice. You could buy contemporary paintings of phoenix, which is the best symbol of fire or a fire place or something red triangle.

Fire energy is active, hot, illuminating, sparking energy at its peak. If you have fire paintings best place them in the South to maintain the energy associated with fame, reputation and social life.

Wood paintings:

Since wood paintings are associated with growth energy, fortune and wealth, its best symbol would be something fresh, natural, and with energy of upward growth. Something green rectangular may also be consider.

Paintings symbolizes wood should be place in the East or South East part of your home. This is to maintain the energies associated with fortunate blessings, health, family and community, wealth and prosperity.

Water paintings:

Any water paintings are connected with life journey, wealth, money, and career.

The energy of the element of water is deep, and fluid. In feng shui, water painting is something waved blue. You can also buy abstract art painting of fountains, rivers, seas, and oceans.

Place your paintings in the North part of the house to maintain the energy of career and life journey, in the East to improve wood energy or even use to calm excess fire energy.

Earth paintings:

Earth is connected with different relationships such as family, business, friends, and many more. Earth energy is stable and sandy. If you are going to buy a painting with this element, buy something with mountains, or something square and yellow, brown, or cream.

Hang your paintings in the south west: associated with relationships and mountain energy; north east: associated with wisdom, self knowledge and calm.

If you like abstract art and feng shui as well, why not have them both in a painting?

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