Which way you’ll hang your painting?

If you want to buy abstract art or any contemporary painting but the artist hasn’t signed his art work, or even marked it with a ‘this way up” arrow on the back, how would you know which way you will hang it up on the wall? And would it matter if you hung it upside down, if that’s the way you like it? Once you bought it, isn’t your preference to hang it whichever you fell like it?


This is the debate that arose when my cousin saw this painting of mine. At that stage it was still unsigned and unvarnished. I had it way up, but she said, “You maybe see it as fire, but I think it should be the other way up. I think it’s a rain.” And turned it the way he like it.

Te abstract art was made using acrylics, and the orange drips in the red were made by putting down a very watery orange wash while the red was not quite dry. Because it was watery, gravity pulled down the paint, creating smudge. So the abstract painting was really created this way up. But I think technical reason shouldn’t dictate which way it should be hang.

Still, I couldn’t decide which way up I like better, so I decided to sign it on the edge, which leaves the issue of which way up it should be hang.

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