Tips for applying textures to your painting

  1. Depending on how much paint you have applied on the canvas drying time can take anywhere from a couple days to week. This will take a long time considering the paint is not out in open to much air. Remember you’ll need to have a lot of patience here and if you are willing to wait, you’ll find out that it is worthy. Before you start to paint your abstract painting, apply a generous amount of white acrylic paint or gesso to a primed canvas. Don’t hesitate about how much you need to put on, more is better!
  2. After applying the paint or gesso to the canvas, take a plastic bag, trash bag, or any plastic drop cloth and place straight away on top of the generously painted canvas.
  3. Squish the cloth into the paint. You should really work with the paint! Keep in mind that it is important that the whole surface of the paint is touching the cloth or else you would end up with a painting that is half textured (except if you prefer abstract art paintings that way). If you want to achieve a much textured look work the paint into folds and crumples of the cloth. Don’t be afraid that you might not able to remove the cloth from the fold, it will.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Remove you the cloth from the paint and reveal your new textured surface.

Remember: If you want to make an abstract art and figures, forms or objects are not essential to maintain. You could just perform this technique after the piece is done and the paint is still wet. Additional paint would not have to be added to your abstract art painting because you would just make textures of the paint you have already applied.

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