Reaching out in a true meaning of abstraction

I found out that there many people who don’t have that ability to grasp the deeper meaning of abstract art. Commonly, those people are not great enthusiasts to begin with, although they may claim to be. Like for example someone I know. I did remember going to an abstract art gallery with her, where she spotted a painting across the room. She was so curious and called it beautiful, she come closer to it and examined it. And when she found out that it was just a simple technique (which she whisper it was just a bunch of lines) she sent away her initial interest.


The painting is a landscape and could best describe as an impressionistic style. Most people wouldn’t even consider it as an abstract art, and yet I am pretty sure that she thought it was abstract because of its painterly quality (the brush stroke was very visible).

I knew she was wrong (of course she is)! It is indeed not the artist’s style or method of painting that distinguishes a work as either abstract or figurative, rather, the content of any abstract art painting itself. That fact that she considered a work that was clearly figurative to be abstract (which made it, to her, a less work of art) simply because of the slight painterly quality of that abstract painting, made me realize how badly informed many people are to art and the understanding the whole thing. You can not figure it out by just standing inches away from it!

The worst part of it is that she demonstrated another common ignorance about abstract art (the idea that the farther a work strays from the figurative, the more abstract a work is, the less talented the artist, and the less substance there is to be found in the painting). Well, there are really many people like who do not realize that the human imagination, specifically an artist who reaches far beyond the things that can be seen in this world. And that is a fact that everyone should remember. Not only in matters of art, but in all aspects of life.

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