Things you should know in purchasing Original Artwork

Why consider buying original contemporary paintings?

  • Original abstract artwork is unique. Some may have an exact replica of it but still, it is not genuine!
  • Having original abstract paintings can add value to your place whether at you how or office, even with you life!
  • This could also be the perfect gift in a special occasion.
  • Surely, it is a financial investment.
  • Through buying original from an abstract art gallery, you are supporting those living artist with their careers.

How to start?

  • Find information around you
  • Visit different galleries and artist’s studios as possible
  • Searching and surfing the net

Things you should know about galleries

  • Most exhibitions run from between two to six weeks.
  • Free admission, aside for those major exhibitions put on by the publicly funded galleries
  • Abstract art paintings go on sale as soon as the exhibition is set up
  • Usually, galleries have selected stock by their artists in their stock room.
  • Most galleries have their own websites where they show their artworks of their artists available for sale.

Inside the gallery

  • Seeing art is a personal experience and also a way to unwind, so feel comfortable enough in spending as much time as you like viewing all the abstract art paintings.
  • Catalog or exhibition notes are helpful, so read them!
  • Feel free to ask the gallery staff about the abstract painting or artist if you have any questions.
  • If the artwork has red dot, it simply means the work is sold. Half red dot is under offer, but check with staff and see whether you can be added to a reserve list if the first offer falls through.

Thing you should know before you purchase

  • Several artists and galleries will let you take home artwork for an approval period. If you feel like you don’t want it, you can return it and get a full refund or exchange it with another artwork.

Document the purchase

  • Always keep your receipt, the artist’s CV, and catalogue of the exhibition in a safe place together with a photograph of the artwork.

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