The Spiritual Expression of Paintings

Have you ever wonder what it is in a contemporary painting? Is it more than a piece of paper with lines and colors or no more than that? In the hands of a master painter, a lifeless piece of paper with just lines and colors become a creation with life. Like what the master creator gave life to us. The painter transmits the essence of his spirits to his creation or the so called abstract art”.

Painting 8

Through the painting, the creator expresses his heart and soul. It also transmits cultural messages and the mysteries of the universe. It is create out of the desire of the artist to stand for the forms of nature and man through the spirit of the artist as he perceives his world.

Artist does not only capture the forms of the nature, there spirits interacts with the spirit of the animals or men he is painting. Through his abstract painting, he can capture both the spirit and the message of its subject. You can see it in the eyes, expression, and the gestalt of the painting. Good paintings covey an emotion or message to the observer. It might be a message of love, harmony or serenity. It could also be a message of danger, anger, or sadness. It could be a lesson, or something that all of us as humans can identify with, such as a desire to be loved.

For the ancient people, the abstract art painting serves as a medium to purify and refine the human spirit. The well studied and sharp-eyed artist through its own reflection gives life to the animated states, feelings, and spiritual essence of the animals and humans he paints. The improvement of the observer’s spirit occurs through the inspired artist’s ability to communicate the subjects either man or animal its spirit, animation, feelings, thoughts, and the scene or stage of the subject, including all its colors and forms.

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