The Magical World of Abstract Art

People try to describe a work of abstract art by using words as “feelings”, “emotions”, and “soul”. I think these words are actually hints to what are actually happening within both the viewer and the artist.

The world of art and the environment of the magical go back a long way together with many faces that are common with one another. One being that both try to find into a deep unknown and then seek to notice it into this physical world by one means or another.


Thus, it is understandable that a non-representational picture could be hard to comment on. The viewer might really moved by the painting itself and they did not know why.

But as an artist who has a little bit of understanding of certain spiritual aspects, here’s what might I think happens when a viewer comes across a magical abstract painting in an abstract art gallery.

Let me present the whole episode from all aspects:

Spirit: One of the Spirit’s main purposes is to bring spiritual understanding into the physical realm as soon as the person step his feet in the gallery and see the abstract art paintings. One way to do that is to enter time and manifest a potential opportunity for a receptive body. That receptive person could be the person being offered the opportunity or the messenger of it. If it is a messenger, there are lots of ways in which that message can be put across. One of those ways is by producing a challenging illustration or symbol in the form of an abstract painting.

Messenger: Also known as “the artist” or to become more particular, an artist who is prone to take note of their own inner unfathomable visuals. When inspired the artist then sets about translating these visions into a personal style of delineation. I think it is possible that many artists would be unconscious of what exactly they are putting down upon the canvas-all they might know is that there is an urgent force to work with specific colors, or in a specific style.

Art: A personalized sign of the inner visuals… represented on board or canvas or any other handy suitable medium at the time. The artist lets the visual take shape in their mind and allows for elucidation into the physical world. That results in an artwork of bizarre symbol, or beriddled story, or just a simple abstract demonstration of specific colors or shapes that you could see in any abstract art painting. Every element of the art will incorporate a potential key ready to allow the appropriate viewer entrance into its intriguing yet creative environment.

Observer/Viewer: A receptive watcher viewing the abstract painting may initially have an indescribable attraction with it. They are possibly first emotionally drawn to the image before them. As their thoughts starts to trigger other thoughts, gradual awareness begin to become obvious-gaining strength until they acquire a personal creative understanding seen only by themselves but which maybe eventually involve others who come into contact with them.

So, the next time you try to look to produce a piece of art or decide to visit an abstract art gallery do not hesitate or reside upon any lack inside you-rather open your eyes (after all they are supposed to be the windows of the body) and make you ready to either see in order to create-or see in order to receive.

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