Promoting your Own Artwork

Usually, artists start out by just wanting to create something. As time goes by they realize that they want more…and wanted to have a career.

The only problem is most of them did not realize how much time, determination and spunk it takes to make it in the business. And of course…connections! Selling art is all about networking.


Let us define the word networking!

Some may think that this “word” mostly used by high powered executives to do with artists. Well, they are wrong!

Networking has everything to do with anyone wanting to make money out of their product. And I mean to say, “Your abstract paintings are your products”!

Surely, you have heard the term but do you know what it really means?

According to, it is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest: Working mothers in the community use networking to help them manage successfully.

Thus, networking is meeting others and hoping to create a connections with other people that will bring you profit later. So, how do the pros network and still have time to create?

The answer will depend in the use of some pretty common business tools and how they use them.

Labeling your art

First thing you should consider is to label your abstract art paintings. Meaning, arts need to be recorded by photograph and these images should be put into a form that could be examined by people who are your potential buyers.

Capturing your abstract art is very easy. When getting your film developed, consider paying an extra buck to put your images in a CD. These digital images will come in handy.

You can also scan smaller works to get good, high-quality digital images of your work.

Once you have your images, next thing you should consider is to do something about them.

Try traditional portfolio. It is always a good place to display any of your contemporary paintings to your potential buyers. No need for anything fancy, a simple, black, hardbound three ring binder with plastics sleeves will be fine. Line all the sleeves with a sheet of plain, white paper and center one photo on each page. Consider putting a small card at the bottom of the page with the work’s name and its price.

One thing you could also do is making a portfolio online where you could display your abstract paintings. This will help all your potential buyers abroad to look at your portfolio online and communicate with them easily.

Surely these simple tips will help you gain more potential buyers and make your artwork become popular!

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