Creating acrylic abstract painting for beginners

After having all the necessary materials in acrylic abstract painting, the next thing you should think is how you will actually get started. Below are tips that will help you in beginning acrylic abstract painting in a fun and relaxing way.

Trying different colors

Since acrylic paintings dry quickly, give lively color, and make clean-up relatively easy, there’s nothing that could stop you from making a multicolored, exciting acrylic abstract painting. For beginners like you, don’t think about “masterpiece”. Instead, think about what you will surely love to hang on your wall. In short, let your instinct work in choosing colors for your acrylic abstract art painting.

At start, it is easy to become overwhelmed by too several color choices. I recommend if you have many several small canvases or canvas panels, choose a favorite color out of it and paint three canvases in three partially different shades within that color family.

Like for example: If red is your desired color, paint three canvases in bright crimson. Next would be toning down one canvas by adding up a thin layer of white and seeing what shade of pink you end up with. It could be a bubble gum or maybe a dusty rose, depending on how much white paint you will add. Lastly, darken the third canvas by adding a layer of blue or brown shade. By surprising yourself with shades you may not have intended, you will find acrylic abstract art a fun thing to do!

Texture and Patterns Experimentation

Have a set of brushes in different shapes and sizes (or even two different brushes) that will help you make an interesting textures and patterns in your acrylic abstract painting. To start with, spread the paint in one smooth layer then dab it at the still-wet paint using the end of your brush. By doing so, you can see what different textures and patterns you will get from large against small brushes and round against flat. Try also making your acrylic abstract paintings a smooth on the top half and textured at the bottom or do it vice versa.

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