Building Self-belief in Painting Pictures

Self-believer of paintings

In order to develop the inner artist in a person, one should try to be compassionate during the learning process, to enjoy and explore painting rather like a child. Sometimes, mistakes or “happy accidents’ are needed to help the practitioner develop and grow. This is possible if the inner critic is continuously peering over the shoulder.

Finding an Artistic Inspiration

To let one move on the next step, the artist should try to overrule the inner critic until they have enough confidence to face it. What I meant to say is setting small, manageable goals, and making sure to develop an artist experiences success in their practice.

Goal Setting

This step is vital in making abstract art paintings. With the use of cheap art materials, like thick paper or card, and a number of tubes of paint, including the primary colors, squeeze a little of each color onto an old china plate and see how colors behave in the following:

  • Adding up and applying different color combinations
  • How paints behave when applied with different brushes and other implements such as sponges, toothbrushes, palette knives, and many more.
  • Explore how to lighten colors by gradually adding white
  • Explore how to darken colors by gradually adding its complimentary color (the contrasting color in the color wheel like for example blue is the complimentary color of red)

Learning to have no expectations is learning about contemporary paintings! This is a great start in getting to know a painting medium.

Making you first artwork

Art is all about experimenting with making marks! Trying to be like the great Expressionist and Abstract artist is a good step forward for beginners in painting who wish to complete their first artwork. Any non-representation artwork is basically an abstract art while Expressionist art attempt to render the inner emotional states.

This doesn’t mean that the work is an exact replica of the artwork selected, but one that try to be look like it. Meaning to say, getting a general likeness with the way the paint applied and the style of the painting. For a beginner to experience a freedom in painting one could use solid, bright colors, basic shapes, and expressive use of line.

Creating a painting and becoming an artist

Creating an abstract art for the first time can be overwhelming at first. Beginners must try to be compassionate during the learning process. Learning from mistakes and exploration is important and very helpful. Making simple marks are big steps. Having an artist as an inspiration to emulate such as the great abstract and expressionist artists is a perfect way to complete ones first painting.

One Response to “Building Self-belief in Painting Pictures”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    I agree. just practising like thisw can be fun and yes it delvelops yourbservational skills too

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