Picasso Nude Sold for 45 Million US Dollars at Auction

Have you ever heard of the nude painting created by Picasso? Well, if you haven’t, then I would like to inform you that there is. In fact, it was sold at auction by Christie on November 9, 1999 and it was for US$45.1 million dollars. Records at that time showed that such selling price was the fourth highest price ever paid for a Picasso.  At the time, it was US$51.6 million that was the highest price paid in 1989 for Picasso’s Pierette’s Wedding.

This contemporary painting is known as Nude in a Black Armchair (Nu au Fauleuil Noir). It was a portrait created by Picasso in 1932 and the subject of the same was Picasso’s mistress, Marie-Therese Walter. The painting shows Walter while asleep with her arms stretched out above her head. The same painting measures 65×53 inches or 165×135 cm and it was the first in a series of paintings Picasso painted of her in the same pose while living in Boisgeloup, outside Paris.

There were various works from the estate of Madeleine Haas Russell that were put up for auction by her heirs and this Picasso painting was one of them. Russell was the grand-niece of jeans magnate Levi Straus, a philanthropist, and a civic leader. He died earlier the year at the age of 84. When she was alive, she had donated some two million dollars’ to the San Francisco Museums of Fine Art.

If you want to look for Picasso like paintings, you can visit any abstract art gallery. There, you will find original abstract art paintings of talented painters.

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