Naked Taoiseach paintings removed

Contemporary paintings include nude paintings and it really interests a lot of people most especially when the subject of the painting are celebrities or famous political figures. Even if they become controversial paintings, they are still publicly displayed.

However, here’s one controversial painting that was removed from public eyes. This painting could be described as oil on canvas featuring Taoiseach.

The subject of the nude painting is none other than the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen. The same painting was found in two Dublin galleries where police were called in.

This controversial painting shows Mr Cowen holding his underpants and it appeared in the Royal Hibernian Academy while one of him pictured on the toilet was displayed in the National Gallery.

If the painter or painters reveal their identity, they could find themselves answering questions from Irish police whether it was political subversion or artistic expression.

According to the National Gallery, they were the ones who called in the police; however, they were disinclined to comment further on the matter. They only mentioned that the painting had been up for no more than 20 minutes before it was removed.

The gallery further stated that the painting was not authorised to be on display and that garda are investigating.

Another thing that the academy is deciding is the issue on whether or not to call in the police to investigate its mysterious appearance. Thereafter, the spokeswoman refused to go further.

She mentioned: “We don’t want to make more of it than it is.”

Mr Cowen’s nude painting still exists on the premises. However, it is displayed not on public view but in one of the offices.

Reports also revealed that one woman who saw the painting offered to buy it.

According to the Irish police, investigation into the matter is currently being done and that they are in possession of the other work.

As for a state broadcaster RTE who showed pictures of the portraits in its output, he said that he would be making an on air apology.

The corporation’s spokeswoman mentioned that upon reflection, they realized that this was “in bad taste”.

Here’s one good taste of paintings. Look into abstract art paintings on any abstract art gallery. There you will find nude abstract arts that will never be removed from public eyes.

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