Crepe Paper Flowers to Dazzle Your Home

Do you want to amaze your family and friends by filling your home with your own flower creations? Well if you do, you can make use of crepe papers in the creation of your flower decorations. With the use of the said crepe papers, you can create your swags, bouquets; tiebacks for draperies, wreaths, or in some other ways that you want to use these beautiful paper flowers in your home decor.

Creating paper flowers to decorate your home is not in only cheap but it is also fun. With just a little bit of practice and with the use of several supplies and materials, you can already create a dazzling home. Almost all of the necessary materials could probably be found inside your home. The common tools necessary for the making of the paper flowers are wire cutters, scissors, a ruler, a brush for applying the glue, a pencil or knitting needle, and, of course, your patterns.

Some of the needed materials may already be something that you already own while those that you don’t have should be easy to find. The things that you really need in order to create these beautiful flowers are crepe paper of few different colors, florist wire usually 20 and 28 gauge, floral tape, and craft glue. But if you don’t want to create them, you can make use of stamens. In order to hold the paper flower’s shape as well as to make it shine, you might want to spray your finished paper flower. What is usually used to spray crepe paper flowers are clear spray gloss as it is specially made for paper crafts.

Adding some embellishment to your crepe paper flowers like beads and glitters is also another option that you can do. If you want to add some beads, it would be better if you make use of small ones. This is so because they will not weigh down the petals of your flowers. Also, you only need to add a drop of glue to wherever you are going to put your bead. If you still want to add a larger bead at the center of your flower, make sure that it is not that heavy so that your crepe paper flower top will not be heavy.

If what you want to add are glitters, it would be better if you make use of spray glue and then spray the same to the flower. After which, sprinkle some glitters over the flower and then let it dry. Thereafter, spray the flower with a coat of spray clear gloss and then let this dry. If you do so, the glitter will not easily come off and it won’t be necessary for you to place much glitter everywhere.

Another way of dazzling your flowers is through the use of magic markers, craft paints, powdered chalk, crayons, waxing, etc.  Take not however that when you do waxing, you should always be very careful around small children. In making use of the preceding, you might as well try your hand at whatever you may want to use to embellish your crepe paper flowers with by all means. Remember that any craft trial and error is the most important part of the crafting.

You can place your beautiful flowers in any part of the house that your desire. However, you must bear in mind that they are usually not waterproof; hence, you should choose carefully on where to place them considering the possibility that they may be splashed with water.

Placing them inside the bathroom can also be done most especially if you add a little scent to them. When you have quests, this will add a nice aroma. The only thing that you should do is to add a drop of scented oil a few places on your flowers. This way, you can already have a amazing bathroom smell. You can also choose to place these scented flowers anywhere in your home. Adding some abstract art painting, the subject being flowers can also add to the dazzling effect of your crepe paper flowers. You can choose to create your original abstract art or you can visit any abstract art gallery where you can choose which painting can greatly add to your paper flower theme.

Thus, dazzle your friends through the creation of paper flowers as decoration of your home. You can also give these crepe paper flowers as gifts for friends and family most especially if they were dazzled by what you can do with them in your home!

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